Pros and Cons of Magento Go, Magento Enterprise and Magento Community

“I love Magento’s Enterprise Edition and have fallen for the Community Edition!”- is the most expected answer whenever these ecommerce software versions are compared together. And when Magento Go is also included in the battle, the bull fight between the three Magentos seems to continue perennially with all three penetrating into the tech world having impeccable USPs of their own.


The Tug of War


Comparing the pros and cons of the three Magento tycoons becomes imperative in the present survival of the fittest scenario. Interestingly, every pro of one is the con of another and vice versa.


One’s pros, another’s cons


Magento Go Magento Community Magento Enterprsie
Magneto Go involves monthly billing which varies from $15 to $125. The amazing Community Edition (CE) of Magento comes free! It offers you a free version of open source and add-ons. Magento’s Enterprise Edition (EE) is a costly affair. It requires you to pay an annual bill, which generally starts at $15,550.
If you have a small and simple enterprise under 10,000 SKUs, it is always wise to go for Magento Go. If you are a pretty tech-savvy merchant earning $15M in online sales and having monthly 25,000+ online visitors, it is better to use Magento Community Edition. If your business is mid-large, that offers you 50,000+ valued visitors a month and that earns you the revenue more than $50M in online sales, Magento Enterprise Edition is perfect for you.
You may find only limited B2B capabilities using Magento Go. If you are using the Community Edition (CE), you have to transact solely relying on the 3rd party add-ons. Magento’s Enterprise Edition (EE) will offer you full native B2B support.
When it comes to support from Magento, it varies as per the plan. It has very limited support from Magento. It is fully supported by Magento.
Magento Go design encourages marketing. Marketing is the strong base in Magento Community design. The design of Magento Enterprise is focuses more on technical aspects than on marketing aspect.
Magento Go decently meets the industry security standards being complaint with level 1 PCI-DSS. Though Magento Community is not a PCI compliant it can be made to become so. Magento Enterprise is PCI complaint and encompasses a PA-DSS payment bridge.
It encompasses small number of features. It owns limited features. It boasts of umpteenth number of good features.


The three professionally different variations of Magento are suitable for three different range of business according to the varied needs of the customers. Therefore, whether it is Magento Go, Magento Community or Magento Enterprise, when it comes to rating the different Magentos, choose the one which suits your specific requirement and give a kick start to your enterprise. The key answer to ‘which one wins the battle’ solely depends upon ‘the user’ and ‘the purpose’! Promatics as a certified Magento partner provides Magento customization, Magento development & integration along with consulting. We will ensure you choose the right platform and deploy the same in a manner which will result in maximum ROI.

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