Running a Fashion eCommerce Website? Why do you Absolutely Need a Mobile App?

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Online Shopping: Everything at our fingertips

Online shopping has made life easier for all of us. The world is now at your fingertips. Want a dress for a party? Buy it online with just a few clicks. With that, eCommerce websites are also in demand nowadays because people like to shop online rather than going to malls for shopping, which is not only time-consuming but utilizes other resources too. With online shopping, you need not worry.


For eCommerce businesses, the opportunities are limitless. Today, more people than ever before are making purchases online. This claim is accurate for all global industries. You may now reach customers whenever, wherever, and from any device, thanks to the power of the Internet.


It’s no secret that mobile usage now dominates our daily activities. 96 % of American adults own a cell phone, according to recent research. Smartphone ownership is at 81% of the total population. Peek around you. These gadgets are practically always in everyone’s hands.


Let’s explore how mobile helps eCommerce businesses.

Mobile Commerce Is On the Rise

With just a website, your eCommerce store will never be able to realize its full potential. Looking at the most recent eCommerce trends, you’ll notice that everything is moving in a mobile direction.


But is a mobile app essential? Absolutely YES!


Mobile device sales have dominated the eCommerce sector.


Check your sales stats to identify your customers’ devices to make purchases. Mobile devices account for 67 percent of all eCommerce sales globally. There’s a fair possibility that a sizable portion of those customers use their smartphones and tablets for browsing and making purchases.


Mobile device shopping is already a common practice. In contrast to a laptop or desktop computer, our phones are typically within arm’s length. Simply put, it is much more practical than waiting to log on to a computer.


Customers can be seen buying everywhere. Thanks to mobile commerce, people can purchase items while riding a bus, train, or Uber. They accept online while on their lunch break or while strolling down the street with a coffee. It’s simply too simple.


The Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Online Store

Do you not like having access to everything on your phone? Does it not make life so much easier? Well, it is true. The statistics show the same trends. Some most significant reasons why a mobile eCommerce app might benefit your company are:


i.) Recognition Of A Brand

Users’ smartphones frequently have mobile apps installed. It follows that consumers will be reminded of your brand every time they open their phone and see the logo for your app, making them more likely to select it out of convenience the next time they need to make a purchase.


As it’s easier to submit reviews on mobile apps than to connect to a desktop computer, find the website, and type them out, customers are more likely to do so. Reviews are a great method to broaden your online visibility, establish your brand identification, and attract new customers.


However, having a mobile app for your company is insufficient. The app must provide a seamless user experience and friendly UI/UX designs to encourage users to return to your brand. To ensure your mobile app is flawlessly functional and provides a simple, user-friendly experience, you must regularly test it with the general public.


ii.) It Gives Customers A Personalized Shopping Experience

The demands of consumers have evolved. Today’s consumers anticipate a personalized relationship with a brand throughout their journey, whether on a desktop or a mobile device. According to a survey, 91 percent of consumers think they are more likely to patronize companies that make offers and suggestions pertinent to them.


You must incorporate mobile app capability into your e-commerce site, but that is not the only step in creating a personalized buying experience. Additionally, you can gather important information about your audience and how they engage with your brand and online store.


With the help of this information, you can tailor their shopping experience by making product recommendations based on their preferences and past purchases, sending them bespoke cart abandonment emails, creating tailored marketing campaigns, and more.


By doing this, you may send personalized notifications and campaigns to the user instead of generic ones, fostering relationships and enticing them to return to your store.


Personalization is essential to developing enduring client relationships in the contemporary business environment. Customers want brands to appeal to their human side; they don’t want to be viewed like numbers that go toward your overall revenue. This entails disseminating customized content that is created with their requirements in mind, not the needs of the entire audience.


iii.) An improvement in conversion rates

Compared to mobile websites, mobile e-commerce applications have higher conversion rates. When a customer has a perfect experience, they are more likely to make a purchase. People may buy something in only a few clicks because of the user-friendliness and simplicity of mobile apps.


Push notifications, wish lists, and product filtering and sorting are a few features that can work together to make shopping easier. Additionally, mobile apps can save your personal data and payment information for quick checkout. These capabilities simplify the shopping experience for consumers, making mobile e-commerce apps a more practical choice.


Implement split testing and testing in production during the development process if you want your mobile e-commerce app to have a high conversion rate. You can utilize this to draw attention to any problems users may be having with your app so you can fix them before they turn away potential users.


iv.) Increased Loyalty From Customers

Mobile apps significantly influence a customer’s perception of your brand. Customers can access a brand’s product catalog and shopping cart at any time with the help of a superb mobile app. By doing this, you may establish a connection with your clients and encourage them to use your mobile app again and again. What results from this over time? Loyal clients.


Most individuals carry their iPhones around with them all day long. This implies that customers have many more chances to look around your store and buy something while lounging at home, on the bus, or waiting for their morning coffee to brew. When people already have your app installed on their phone, they are more likely to use it out of habit or convenience than to search for another one.


Make sure your website is adequately optimized for mobile devices, as clients spend most of their time on their phones. The same product information, testimonials from devoted customers, your contact information, and, if available, a live chat option or chatbot should all be included. They will then be motivated to purchase because they have all the required information.


You can impress customers, showcase the value of your brand, and keep them coming back for more by putting the correct customer loyalty and retention strategies into practice. Consider designing loyalty programs that grant members access to new merchandise or collections before anybody else. Additionally, you ought to tailor their buying experience; in the following section, more on that.


7 Benefits of having mobile apps for your Clothing eCommerce Website


v.) Greater Effectiveness

Mobile applications make it easier for your customers to shop, but they may also help your company and the people running it function more efficiently. Your sales will increase, and the customer experience will be simplified with a highly optimized app with powerful capabilities.


Additionally, a superb mobile app that has completed various software testing draws in more users, which results in more sales for your company. Push notifications, which continually loop your consumers back to your app due to an abandoned shopping cart or a new promotion, enable customers to make quicker purchase decisions and result in a more effective sales process.


vi.) Provide A Variety Of Payment Choices

While mobile apps provide convenience to a whole new level, websites do indeed make it possible to make payments online. With the use of third-party payment apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay, customers may purchase with a single tap. Additionally, they can use their standard debit cards, eWallets, or online payment services like Paypal.


Online shopping is effortless with a mobile app, and since consumers’ payment information may be kept in their account, they don’t need to enter it each time they check out. Additionally, they don’t need to have their laptop in front of them because they may purchase them from anywhere on the road.


Start by choosing a third-party payment gateway appropriate for your online store and working with your existing integrations. Ewallets are becoming more popular these days, so it would be wise for your business to be prepared to meet customer demand by providing a variety of dependable and secure payment methods.


vii.) It Provides Better Customer Service

Better customer service will encourage people to spend more money. Seventy-three percent of retail customers claim that positive customer service experiences motivate them to shop longer and spend more money.


Therefore, you should consider this while creating your eCommerce mobile app.


Make finding your contact information simple for customers. Offer a straightforward “call us” button from inside the app rather than making users visit your website or conduct a Google search for you.


Even better, you may use the app itself to implement live chat support.


Give your consumers the option to follow their orders from when they place them until the item is delivered to their door.


This is also feasible from a mobile website, but the UX will be much better if it’s made possible via an app. Something this resource-intensive won’t be as responsive on a mobile site.


It’s Time to Get a Mobile App for Your Ecommerce Business

A mobile app that provides an effective and efficient user experience is essential to a business’s success in the modern digital landscape as more and more consumers unlock their phones to buy online.


Offering your consumers a mobile app has several advantages, as shown in this post. Not only does it enhance their relationship with your brand, but it also inevitably results in more significant sales and more earnings. Even though it would require some initial expenditure, creating a mobile app will be worthwhile.


To guarantee you’re always giving your consumers the most incredible experience possible, keep track of industry trends and changes in consumer behavior, as well as business app analytics to monitor and optimize your app’s performance. A well-planned app maintenance strategy will ensure your app is updated at all times and exceed your customers’ expectations.


The Key Outcomes

The fact is that consumers are hesitant to support a business without a digital presence, and mobile apps are quickly assimilating into the lives of connected consumers. When consumers have the tools to engage with brands online, the likelihood of developing a loyal client base is significantly improved. To that end, retailers should give a mobile strategy top attention.


The figures are self-evident. While making purchases inside a store, 83 percent of customers use a smartphone shopping app. Think about the significant gains for your business if many people are interested in mobile apps. The answer is a lot.


It’s time to start working on an app for your eCommerce site now that you know why it’s crucial for your ultimate success. This can sound a little overwhelming if you’ve never made an app.


That shouldn’t stop you, though. Everything is accessible online. You can also employ somebody to complete it for you. Consider the countless opportunities that exist there. You may realize your ambition with only this small addition to your online store.

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