Six Brilliant Features of Apple Watch

The all-new Apple Watch is set to hit the worldwide market in April 2015. The six brilliant features of Apple Watch can be enumerated as follows:

1. Apple Pay
This is one such feature of the watch that is drawing gadget-savvy people towards it. Buying groceries, dresses, paying bills have become easy with the new Apple watch. It can be stated as an extension to the iPhone. All one need to do is click on the wrist where a handy button will direct to the user’s payment terminal. The entire gateway is personal and highly secure. Contact less payment has become even easier. This watch will work comfortably with iPhone 5 and its later versions.

2. Easy navigation with Digital Crown
Smart watch due to its small screen becomes a bit difficult to handle but the Apple Watch has been incorporated with a cool knob that makes navigation in the small screen an easy task. There is a Digital Crown at the right edge of the gadget which after pressing will redirect the user to the home screen. Turning it on will let the user scroll through various options present in the interface and also zoom into different apps.

3. Health and Fitness tracking
Apple Watch is going to keep a track of the wearer’s every body movement. App developers have provided an Activity App that will give snapshots of the user’s daily physical activities. The amount of active calories burnt in a day, the amount of brisk activity undergone and the number of times a person has stood up from sitting position is recorded. The watch will give every specification and will help the user understand the level of physical activity he/she needs to perform in that particular day. The Heart Rate Sensor detects heart rate during workouts, determining the intensity level and helping the user understand body mechanism better.

4. Battery Life
The Apple Watch takes less than 2hours to get 100% charged. When the battery level reaches 10% or so, the push notifications get stopped in order to conserve battery. An interpreting fact is that the watch buzzes with notification when it is touching the wrist-skin and the band is fitted around the arm. One has the option to remove it in order to stop receiving notifications.

5. Digital Touch
This feature will make sure that the user has fun while keeping in touch with his/her loved ones. Sending smileys and heartbeats have become easier with this app. The heart-rate sensor will make the user’s pulse buzz on the pal’s Apple Watch. Sound bites can also be shared through walkie-talkie and watch-to-watch calls can also be made.

6. Sensitivity
This new gadget can differentiate a gentle tap to a harsh push. This is a new dimension to Apple’s user interface. Specific controls will be triggered with different kind of touches. Normal touch will be for navigation purposes whereas Force Touch will open up Messages, Music, Calendar, help choose watch faces and many more additional controls.

This upcoming trendy and chic watch is something a tech lover will surely want. Apple has confirmed about some of its exclusive features that are making gizmo freaks and Apple-lovers anticipate about this gadget. As per iOS developers, Apple has tried to bring technology to the people in a more accessible way through this latest release.

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