Six Reasons That Justify the Success of Amazon Web Services

The World Wide Web and the Amazon Web Services seem to be the one and the same in the internet landscape. Hence, there is absolutely no need to introduce Amazon Web Services to you! Almost all of you must have used Dropbox or Reddit, or at least must have heard about either or both. It won’t be surprising to know that these come to you from the house of Amazon Web Services. The best part of AWS is that, here you can spring up umpteenth number of servers as per your sweet will and pay only for the usage. Doesn’t it sound awesome?


Come; let’s have a lil insight on how AWS is dominating the web ecosystem of today:
1. By Saying No to Wastage:
It goes without saying that putting up an IT infrastructure for your concern makes a pretty big whole in your pocket as you are compelled to pay for a giant fixed cost while your requirement is not even half of it. Unfair, isn’t it? Let’s say thanks to AWS for discouraging wholesale purchase for just one single piece consumption. The elasticity feature of AWS helps you curtail your costs by scaling your server up and down as per the requirement.

2. By Offering Free Samples:
So, now you know, your charge will count how much of the meal you’ve enjoyed, not that you haven’t. The interesting thing is that AWS is offer you even free lunch! You can use EC2 micro instance all the yearlong for free. Not only that; you’ll have ELB, S3 storage and many other free services. Enjoy the API and the infrastructure of Amazon and feel the best with literally zero setup cost.

3. By Ensuring Prompt Server Capacity with AWS:
Bored up with irritatingly long process of conventional dealings of dedicated servers? Now, you don’t have to wait for two or three days just for a server. Amazon Machine Images allows you to deploy hundreds of servers within a wink of an eye. Automation tools like RightScale also acts as a pretty cool tool. Besides, now you’re relieved off traffic burst; because the right servers will be ready for you within minutes!

4. By Providing Impeccable Performance:
EC2 provides you access to Xeon-class processing performance. And, my friend, that does not cost you a fortune! Unlike the conventional data centers, here servers can be immediately brought online, readily configured for use and added to the user’s cluster if required. The added advantage of a veritable cloud hosted ambiance, impeccable storage performance and almost 0% downtimes goes a long way in making AWS capture more than half the internet world.

5. By Assuring Ultimate Functional Flexibility:
The key-difference traditional data centers of planet earth and AWS, truly a cloud-hosted environment, is the latter’s ultimate flexibility. Thanks to API and Amazon Machine Images, you can have completely customized solution from the house of AWS absolutely in no time. The accuracy level of its functioning is coolly over 99%, unless there is any human error.

6. By Offering Marvelous and Magical EC2:
EC2 is far beyond the traditional virtual hosting service. It is rather the network administrator of AWS. Now, you don’t have to brood over weird things like network storage systems, Power and network topology; and hardware costs and vendor differences. It’s just a magic box waiting for you to unveil the amazing surprises!
These are just a few of the cornucopia of wonders offered by Amazon Web Services which completely justify AWS’s rule over the web. Aren’t these a concoction of delights for your web experiences?

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