Startups cannot ignore mobile users if they want to be successful in 2018

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Having the knowledge of how important a marketing campaign on the mobile market is for a brand is quite common these days. Many startups realize that without that part of the market, in today’s landscape, they are completely handicapped. Therefore a lot of them try to create marketing strategies to no avail and flop on this objective.

The reasons for this can be wide and far between, but the most obvious one is that they do not put enough work into the research of the mobile market. The technology surrounding smartphones (both on the hardware and software side of things) is rapidly changing with each passing year. This fact makes it understandable for most entrepreneurs to be out of the loop, especially if marketing isn’t their forte.

Opportunities for creating countless ways of use for your mobile presentation can guide your users in pretty much any marketing preference. Below I will mention some aspects of mobile website design that have to be taken into consideration when building your online presence.

Concise points

There is a multitude of reasons why it is important to keep your message short and clear. The first reason is that with each passing year the attention span of consumers shrinks. The reason for this is simply the volume of content and opportunities to choose from.

The second reason is the sheer convenience of looking at the message on a small screen. Tablets and mobiles don’t have the luxury of a desktop display so you must be careful with space allocation. Most users browse while having nothing better to do so you really have no space to beat around the bush.

Those two reasons are enough to say that it is completely fine to have your blog or some other marketing medium to the point and quickly readable. Another way to make your presentation more appealing is to break the chunks of text, if absolutely necessary, into smaller fragments and make them seem more readable.

Get on social media

Everyone has an account on a social media platform these days. The importance of having a social media presence in 2018 is more crucial than ever. However their market grew so much that it isn’t feasible for startups or emerging businesses to manage all the accounts from a logistical standpoint.

Get on social media

This puts you in a tough position. The platform of your choice should depend on who you want to have as your visitors. If you are looking for a full on mainstream approach – the instant recommendation is Facebook. If you are aiming for a specific demographic you should almost certainly chose some of the alternatives.

Twitter is great for concise branding and fan interaction. LinkedIn is amazing if professionals are your main clients. Content that is revolving around design or imagery is great for sites like Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram. The statistics for each platform are a great tool to find out what will work best for you.

Bring in the content

The most important part of modern site design is the value you provide through your content. If your business is about forming some sort of a relationship beyond the “cash for service” routine most businesses have – great content is the road to success in that regard. SEO comes into play here as the approach to take when forming your output.

Bring in the content

Creating top-notch SEO content can be quite challenging but manageable with the knowledge of the basic lays of the land. Google analytics can give you all the information regarding the keywords or titles that should be used. Good imagery and spelling are an obvious bonus. However, the most important part in 2018, due to a snowball of SEO content, will be to remain creative with content and really bring something of value.

A lot of businesses struggle with this. Finding writers interested in such niche topics is hard if not impossible. Luckily, professional website design companies specialize in providing such services for this part.

Be consistent

Whether it is design, color or font – you should always be recognizable and memorable. The best way to achieve this is to stick with the design initially presented to the market. Changing said factors frequently confuses users and prevents them to bond with the brand in question.

Additionally, it is great to have a consistent narrative when constructing a marketing language. Using slang, colloquialisms or other creative pathways (like speaking in the third person) are a great way to give a bit of uniqueness in such a saturated market. The only important thing, and I can’t stress this enough, is to stick with the shtick.

An important piece of the puzzle that is hugely related to success in digital marketing is to benchmark. Look at what your competitors are doing and find a business that has an online presence you find really appealing. The most important aspect is to find inspiration and have a strong reference point. Once the foundation is strong, creative work will transition in smoothly leading you to a great final product.

The digital marketing space is a science and an art. Its complexities and fine details are great in scope to be deconstructed into fine chunks only within one article. Hopefully, I’ve introduced you to some aspects of it and gave some information that will nudge you towards the way you want to go.

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