Storing and Setting up Multiple Provisions in Magento Commerce

Today, there is no need to set different e-commerce scripts in order to run and manage more than one online store. This has been possible through advancement in technological domain and Internet segment. Using Magento for creating new stores has been made easy for any online store opener. While maintaining a single back end panel, a one can have multiple online stores using Magento.

There are many other options apart from Magento. Some of them worth stating are Zen Cart, osCommerce, Miva, X-Cart etc. But these platforms need add-ons and plug-ins along with hiring a through professional web developer in order to create the ecommerce sites. All these hassles can be easily avoided by installing single Magento platform providing multiple IP addresses, different domain names, diverse security certificates and many other services. Even a single check out system for each of the ecommerce website can be created using this excellent tool.

First of all a desired URL structure needs to be chosen. Under dissimilar directories, one can easily install multiple stores on to the similar domain name. The directories can be or A particular Magento installation can also be used to host multiple stores sharing the similar backend of Magento but with diverse domain names.Sticking to the selected URL is something highly recommendable.

One can also add a different powered store of Magento through the admin panel. Next, the method for using Magento should be decided in order to locate the new store. There are 4 basic methods for using Magento in order to set up the domains based on the selected URL structure.

Sub-domain Method: Every fresh store is fixed in different sub-domains. Here, a primary domain is opened while the powered store of Magento already runs.

Add-on Domain Method: Through this method, every store has its unique domain name. It requires from the creators’ side to make the administrative account of the domain completely ready. This helps in modifications and adding further domain names in an easy manner.

Sub-directory Method: Under a particular primary domain, this method helps in structuring new stores under different directory. Here, there is a single primary domain and the additional store can be called after calling sub-directory in URL.

Parked Domain Method: Here, the new stores are set up on the Parked domain. It is regarded as the easiest process out of the 4 methods. This process requires that one has to already have a store and then adding further stores can expand it.

Recently,Magento has been provided with some updates. The updated version is named as Magento 1.4x. The index.php file has also undergone changes. It does not include the Mage::run() function. In order to start the Magento store there must be two different environment variables. It gives the creator two different options: Virtual Host Solution and .htaccess Solution. As per the expertise of the user, any one of the above solutions can be used for getting started with multiple stores.

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