The advantages of outsourcing website development

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If you are starting up a new business then hiring in-house developers might not be a good decision. It might happen that they do not like to work with you as it is a startup company or you do not have the resources. Furthermore, they might not have the talent and creativity that you require to make your start-up successful. A good web development company can make or break your start up. There are a few solid reasons why most start ups outsource website development these days. Here is why and how:


The advantages of outsourcing website development


Status of Outsourcing:

A report published by Gartner shows that the talent of outsourcing has suppressed the global benchmark by $ 524.4 billion in the year 2015, while the outsourcing of IT services occupies the major fraction. A recent survey by Deloitte shows that:

  • 35% of the total respondents agree that outsourcing has brought innovation
  • 45% mentioned that issues like global capacity are solved by outsourcing
  • 28% agreed that it expanded the access to the intellectual capacity while 29% stresses on global scalability
  • 20% claimed that it improves their efficiency

In a nutshell, choosing to outsource website development not only helps to cut down costs but also helps to add innovation, gain access to the experienced developers as well as amplify the business.


Choose offers skillfully

In case of website development rates although vary much from region to region still you can find great developers at awesome cost if you pay enough attention. A mid-sized project can attract quotations from $10,000 to $ 100,000. You may thing that’s quite big a range however there is a reason for that. Each company has a different pricing methodology, assumption and hourly rates regarding the functionality and technologies that you require.


Average Rates

The average rates of experienced developers are high in countries like UK or the US. The average range starts from $100 upwards. In Eastern Europe; it is $50 to $75. India which is considered the best outsourcing destination can offer you great developers from $25. You will be surprised to the see the expertise and knowledge of teams in India at very competitive rates.


Review the portfolio of the company

You need to check whether the developers of the company have experience in this field or you communicate with the former clients to know their experience. Don’t choose the one who offers the lowest bid because it can mean the company or the vendor is low on quality.


Opting for the agile methodology

The agile approach in website development adds transparency in the process of outsourcing. Every week you will get reports on development builds and you have plenty time to check the quality of the code and make sure of the fact that the team is taking the right decisions.


Assigning ownership

If you are working in partnership then don’t be scared to share the entire code with them. However, you need to have NDAs as well as legal documents signed before. It eliminates delays related to the marginal different versions of the web and the backend applications that are produced by diverse developers in different times. It minimizes the delays to merge the project as resolving it might take hours or day.


Build communication funnel efficiently:

Smooth communication is the key to development services of the web application. An effective communication reduces chances of misunderstanding and provides you with a clear idea of the project.


The routine of Sync call

From the very first day makes it clear to the outsourcing company that once a week, you need to hold a call with the development team to review the work done or discuss new features to be added in the project. Make sure of the fact that everyone will be there on the conference call


Choose reporting and communication tools

Avoid threads of messy email and chats with the help of the tools. The most effective ones are:

  • Basecamp– It is used to keep all the files and communication in one file during the project.
  • Trello– In order to stay updated use the simple project management tool.
  • Asana– A great tool for project management

From the outset of the project, keep communication a priority so that there are no surprises to either party. Be clear about your expectation and goals and frankly ask what kind of project you can expect from the outsourcing web application development company. Ask them which technology they will use for your project and why they will use that. Moreover, you can show some references that you admire and ask them what they think about these and what new features will be worthy for your desired project. The web development company you have engaged is the most critical component in your startup dreams. In order to get the desired result, be honest, active and precise and you will surely hit the bull’s eye. Once a comfort level has been reached pertaining to outsourcing website development; there is no going back.

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