The dilemma of BYOD

According to the poll conducted by network security specialist Fortinet during month of May and June this year, this report came up that people who have adopted BYOD methodology are more prone to expose their businesses and companies to many new security threats. This poll was conducted on more than 3800 employees of various I.T companies who were in the age group of 20-30. They were asked about their standpoint on BOYD, its potential impact on work environment and their views on corporate I.T security. As per the survey, it was revealed that one out of every three employees will have no hesitation in breaching the company’s security policies which will restrict them from using their personal gadgets at work premises for professional purposes.
BOYD or Bring Your Own Device is a latest trend among the employees where they bring their personally owned technical gadgets like smart-phones, note pads, laptops, tabs etc. to office and use them in connection with their office’s daily tasks like accessing E-Mails, file servers, and databases. This trend has already made a significant space in the lives of the employees as it is estimated that somewhere around 90% of employees are already using it small or big time. Till now, most of the companies have not been able to find a reliable way to restrict this practice. One portion of experts of I.T industry says that this BOYD trend surely helps the employees to be more productive. But another segment is there which says that if not controlled in time, BYOD will result into serious data breaches again and again. Let’s have a look on the pros and cons, this latest trend is going to bring alongside.
For businesses that have adopted this strategy allows them to save money on electronic devices such as laptops and desktops which they would have purchase for their employees. When an employee is bringing his own device means he will always stay extra conscious about safety and the care of the device and this thing generally lacks when an employee is using office devices. This way companies can take advantage of this to their benefit and also keep their employees happy.
For employees this game plan will allow them to choose I.T devices as per their choice, liking and which they feel they are comfortable working on. This will become possible as the company they work with, will not give them official devices to work on.
As far as negative points of this new trend are concerned, the businesses and the companies will have to ensure that the safety level of their company’s information and data is on the highest and is as secure as when it runs on a device which is totally control of the company’s servers. Some I.T security companies have termed this BYOD as ‘Bring Your Own Danger’. Also, there is a possibility that the employees may ask you to pay for the phone services that they are using.
The biggest negativity that an employee will have to face is that they will never have full control over their devices as the company they work for will always be in pursuit to keep their proprietary and personal data secure from any outside danger or potential threat.

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