Tips For Developing Great iPhone Apps

IPhone applications have become a one big thing in the industry today and developing an iPhone application is the latest buzz in the business. We have seen some of the apps which are really effortless to use and have made some major changes in our lives. Let’s have a quick look on some tips that allows one to develop a great iPhone application.
New Idea: since building an iPhone application is the most done thing in the mobile apps sector everyone is developing a new application daily. So, there is a lot of pressure on anyone who is creating an application to create an application that is different from other applications present in the market. If you can’t get a new idea, you can improve an existing application and give it a completely new look. It is better to use time on enhancing the existing one rather than wasting time on thinking some new ideas.
Consulting A Community: after creating or enhancing an application you need to test it and get some feedbacks on it. The best way is to find a community and seek help from it. In the long run, it will help you by giving feedbacks, new add-ons, new idea and thoughts on sales. This way, community will indirectly be your marketing team and not only marketing team but advisor team as well as you can get all feedback through it. This community will help you improve your ratings by using your application in market after you have distributed it free in the market.
Designing The Application: designing is the most important part of developing any application. You must be aware and conscious to design it user-friendly and with easy-looking interface. Remember that the app that you are developing is not that large that it takes more than one or two minutes in downloading. The best way to test the design of your application is by going through a query solving session with the community.
Finding A Right Developer: for developing an app has always been the toughest part of creating a new application. Always look to the company’s profile before handling the project. If you are a developer, make sure to team up with other developers and work. Always go through the terms and conditions by visiting and remember the requirements needed by to approve your application.
Testing And Releasing Your Application: after all the hard work that you have put up in developing your new application, always remember to test it prior to releasing it for public to use it. You can do it by downloading the iPhone simulator from Along with this simulator, iPhone will also provide you testing keys. In the meanwhile, you should be confirmed that you have completed all the requirements required by apple before submitting your application with them. Once you have tested the application and met all the requirements, you can submit the app to the iPhone developers. The apple will test it on their standards and will take around two weeks before approving it for public use.
Promote Your Application: getting your developed application approved and uploaded at apple store by isn’t enough. This only will not work as this is an era of competition and marketing and promoting it essentially important to keep yourself standing in the market. Releasing a press-release, making a blog post, a tweet, facebook page etc. will do a good job in promoting your application. More than 70% of the top sellers apps have conducted a relevant promotional campaign and this percentage much lower in the control group.

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