Tips to Effectively Promote Your App on Social Media with Minimal Budget

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Dog-to-dog competition in the app world ensures the survival of only the fittest. With the total number of available apps on the Google Play Store as on March 2018 shooting up to 3.3 million according to a report published on, getting a user to choose your app instead of competition is more difficult than ever. Even the app businesses based on magnificent ideas and featuring excellent app design sometimes struggle for consumer’s attention. It takes a dedicated marketing effort to make your presence felt to the target audience and to demonstrate adequate value to make them pay for an app.


We at Promatics have worked on a successful social media campaign to promote app usage and download. We consider having a social media friendly app and website is the foremost when it comes to app promotions. Whenever a user finds his way to the app or website, he should be able to sync his account with his social media handles. You can have a pop-up page display the options where a user can sign in with his social media accounts. Next is to resort to some simple dos that can popularize your app across social media channel with a minimal budget. Take a look:


I. Create Engaging Videos


One of the most indulgent things around the net today, powerful videos can turn around the number of people that have your attention on the web. Interestingly, videos can be a fun and creative way to bring across your point to the audience without stating it blandly.  There are two kinds of videos that you can necessarily produce to benefit your application:

A demo video that educates the users about the way you app functions and brings out its beauty in entirety. Another type of video can be made about the ways your app can be used to ease the life of a user.


Create Engaging and Interesting Videos


As you create engaging video content, you can share it on multiple social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. You can also live telecast the app launch on various social media channels for creating a buzz. Apart from engaging the audience in general and hooking prospective consumers, the videos also add to your SEO. It is important that your videos are updated every now and then and especially after the app has been updated.


II. Leverage All Social Media Channels for Your App


While most businesses have a social media presence it is seldom put to use optimally. Design your pages on all the social media platforms and detail information about the nature of the app and how can users get it, subscription models etc. Feature the app download link as a pop up on blog and website and directly on other channels to facilitate downloads. All your social channels need to be adequately branded with app logos and name. Use email newsletters to inform your customer base of latest developments, features and new updates on the app. Create engaging SEO centric content and be regular to post on all social media channels to make your presence felt to the consumer. Integrating app share feature into the app in another unique way you can allow your users to share the best features of the app with their peers.


III. Connect With Consumer on All Social Platforms


Social Media platforms present this unique opportunity for app developers to actually connect to the consumers at absolutely no cost. When the app is up and around you can connect with your consumers directly through social media channels by aptly responding to their comments and feedbacks. This leaves a lasting impression on a consumer who feels addressed. Such interaction also brings out the problem that the end users are facing while using the app and helps you improve the product, at no additional cost. Connecting with the consumer adds to the retention rate phenomenally and creates goodwill too.


IV. Organise Contests


Incentives work. It is easy to lure your prospective customer base into following you on various social media channels by organising contests that can benefit them. It can be a free membership to the premium account or anything a bit more tangible that can motivate your customers to follow the spark you have created. Such online contests that revolve around your app when posted on social media incentivize your users to download the app and retain it. A fun way to keep a user hooked to the app is to have a leaderboard on the app. Many developers engage the users by offering various ways to climb up to a higher ranking on the leaderboard by asking them to further share the app across social media channels or by referring it to a friend. This goes a long way in creating a social media buzz.


Organise Contest


V. Join Interest Groups on Social Media Platforms


Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail have groups that target niche audiences and topics. People join these social media groups because of their heightened interest in the topic that a particular group caters to. App marketing teams need to increase their visibility on social media groups & communities as such to gain visibility amidst the target audience. Find a social media group that comprises of people that mimic your ideal target audience and share relevant content relating to your video to educate them about your app and benefits that come with using it. You can also contact the admin of the group and ask them to collaborate for the promotion of the app.


VI. Don’t Leave Out Pinterest


Pinterest is a social network that often gets ignored by app marketing teams. Users love Pinterest because of the ease with which it allows them to share and discover things that interest them by simply pinning images and videos on their own boards and on others’ boards. These interest boards define the broad categories that they cater to and make it easier to find a target audience. Marketing teams must get down to creating pin-worthy content so that they find a place on a maximum number of boards.


VII. Blog Engagement


Having a blog in place for your app can be the hook that baits your audience. Marketing teams can publish relevant content on the blog that adds value for the target audience. Sharing the blog post on social media channels can bring in attention from prospective consumer and build a cult following. Secondly, you as a business van configure other blogs in the area relevant to you or that app you are catering to. Engage these fellow blogs by commenting and liking actively and put across your valuable insights to them. This will create a healthy industry and fetch audience organically.


Blog Engagement


VIII. Apply for App Awards


App awards are the hot new favourite in the market that announces your presence in the field in a befitting way and bring in a lot of good publicity. It brings in attention from the press, hoard of reviews, downloads and essential limelight that can be of use to a new player in the market. Although the chances of actually winning an app award largely depend on the way you have pitched, the idea on which the app is based and a dearth of competition, the even simple nomination can be good for the business to bring in some attention from the target audience.


Too many options for replacement and absence of switching cost has made it easier for users to delete an app and download another at whim. However, these proven marketing strategies help businesses gather attention from target audiences and encourage downloads at negligible costs. Mobile app promotion on a shoestring budget is in no way an easy task but neither is it something that is completely undoable entirely. With practiced consistency in posting and strategic placing of incentives for download, any app business can reap success on a minimal budget.


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