Tips To Write Maintainable Codes

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For a developer, code maintenance simply means a code that is much easy to amend or to extend. This is because a cautiously constructed code is quite easy to read and comprehend, it is easy to locate a specific component which is related to a given change request. The code should be easy to modify without any risk of breakages in other dependent modules. There are many principles or guidelines followed by the developers for keeping the code as simple as possible so that an effective documentation which ensures the separation of functionality in their code, happen to appear. This is further followed by high cohesion. Generally, a lot of mapping tools, test driven development etc offers more maintainable code. There are several steps or tips that you can follow to write more maintainable code. These are the following:-




MAKE USE OF APPROPRIATE METADATA: Programming languages have different metadata related to how you name the things, what is their scope or visibility etc. There are several things that you can do here like :

  • Providing classes, variables, differential names
  • Keeping all the names updated
  • Being consistent and not creating variables for the things which are only in use for once.


KEEP THINGS BRIEF AND SHORT : A long method, function or class should be avoided at all costs. It should be lucid, simple and clear in the way that it can be easily comprehended. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules but try keeping the sentence as short as possible.


APPROPRIATE AND USEFUL DOCUMENTATION: You need to describe precisely what the method or function does. Anything which is unusual or complicated shall be avoided at all costs.


COMMENT YOUR CODE: Commenting is a kind of a skill. It can be good commenting or a bad one. Comments in codes should be written in such a way that they are neither too long nor too short.


SIDE EFFECT FREE FUNCTIONS: An action which was not planned or intended to happen is the repercussion of a side effect. When you call a method on an object then obviously you can expect to gain certain outcome and nothing more than that. Whenever you are working with a code and asking any of the questions, the answer should be such that it should have no side effects. You can use value objects rather than entities. For example, if we are working on the concept of money , inside the application of e-commerce, then money is considered to be a value object.


CREATE TOOLS AND USE SAFE TECHNIQUES: Create specific tools to write your code. Apart from this, there are multifarious techniques which result in more maintainable code under all circumstances. Mono threading gets rid of all the safety. Do not re-execute TCP/IP.


WRITE TEST CODES AND USE CLEAR LANGUAGE: A test code is always easy to run and in case “a test fails” then it becomes easy to detect any errors or threats. Test codes have to be changed much less often for implementation. For example, a code which turns an object into strings can be tested using certain techniques and the result can be derived by comparing the original result with the new one. A favorable language for maintainability is Python .It has simple and a good library support with clean syntax. A properly named parameter is needed to develop a good code.


OPTIMIZATION FOR THE READERS: You should spend time carefully analyzing the names of classes as well as methods. Avoid abbreviations as much as you can. Do not use them. Instead of calling it variable, call it database connection. Every method should operate at the only single level of abstraction. For this purpose, a method which deals with high-level concept should not be complicated. взять займ онлайн онлайн займы частный займ уфабыстрый займ челябинскполучить займ онлайн на карту

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