Top 10 features of Progressive Web Apps that can compete against mobile apps

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So what exactly is a progressive web app? How different is it from a web app? Well, a progressive web app is a website built like an app. But what’s unique about this website is that it gives the exact look and feel of an app. These “apps” can be installed by users and receive push notifications similar to other apps. They can also be used offline. But one considerable difference does exist between progressive web apps and native apps- that is unlike native apps progressive web apps cannot provide access to all features of a smartphone.

Similar to other applications, the capabilities of progressive web apps have increased with the advent of new technologies and betterment of existing technologies. It seems the demands for progressive web apps have increased as many users are increasingly losing interest in native apps and moving to others. Many surveys and analysis point to the fact there is a good sign of users adopting the progressive web apps and instant apps over the native apps. With top enterprises and business interested in investing and adopting new technologies to attract new customers and retain existing customers, progressive website apps could perhaps be the way forward.

Top app development companies have understood the potential of progressive web apps. With the power combination of both the website and app, the progressive web app is perhaps the next big thing for app developers.

Now let us look at the top ten powerful characteristics of progressive web apps, which could provide severe competition against mobile apps.


Top 10 features of Progressive Web Apps that can compete against mobile apps


Feature 1: Combined power of Website & App

Apps are perfectly optimized for smart devices including mobile screens and websites do auto-updates without looking for the user permission to accomplish the same. These two important qualities are well possessed by progressive web apps.


Feature 2: App Store not required

Similar to a website, we do not need any of the app stores to publish the progressive web app. This independence truly helps in bringing quick updates and improvements to the progressive web apps.


Feature 3: Superior performance

When compared with other apps, progressive web apps comes with the latest innovative technologies which deliver both speed and efficient content. So they are far superior in performance.


Feature 4: Offline work mode

One of the biggest benefits of using progressive web apps is that they can work on both offline and online mode, which is not possible with other apps. Progressive web apps can load the contents faster than the websites and also store the specific content in an offline mode. Users could check on the content in progressive web apps whenever they would need them without connecting to the internet.


Feature 5: Secure features

Progressive web apps are safe from attacks, hacks, spoofs and any other types of insecurity as they make use of TLS connections and get served through them.


Feature 6: Push notifications

A website cannot send alerts or push notification to the users but an app can do that. Earlier, this capability was restricted to apps alone, but with the advent of progressive website apps, they too now possess the push notification capabilities.


Feature 7: Search engine access

Similar to the website, progressive web apps have access to search engines. Users can optimize the keywords and content for the progressive web apps just as in


Feature 8: Addition to Home Screen

Another feature borrowed from websites, adding a particular page to the home screen of the progressive home screen is conveniently very easy. Similar to the bookmarking feature present in browsers, these apps allow users to add other  apps on the home screen so they conveniently check out the apps every now and then.


Feature 9: Quick repairs

Another big advantage with progressive web apps is in fixing bugs and in releasing updates. With absolutely no need to approach users for their permission nor wait for approval from app stores to permit the changes, any quick fixes or releases can be done quickly in case of progressive web apps.


Feature 10: High conversion and retention rates

Many organizations that have moved to progressive web apps see a dramatic rise in conversion and retention rates. Many do acknowledge that users love and use more of the progressive web apps compared to native apps.



With these characteristics, progressive web apps do look a threat to native apps. Sooner than later, many brands will realize the power of progressive web apps and they would definitely love to have the qualities of both an app and website. For the app developers, the only advice would be to quickly learn on progressive web apps.

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