Top 6 reasons people uninstall your app

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Most of the mobile apps on the App Store fail for the reason that users uninstall then within 90 days of installing them. In a study, it was found that nearly 65-85% mobile apps get uninstalled within 30 days of installing. The more user stick to your app, the more revenue your app can generate Customer acquisition is a challenging task and it is must to keep users satisfied and your app installed.


There are a number of reasons why people uninstall your mobile app. By knowing these reasons and addressing them in an effective way, one can increase the success rate of their mobile app.


Here is the list of top 6 reasons why people uninstall your mobile app and how to overcome it.


1. The mobile app is boring

Users always want something that is informative and engaging. Nobody wants to spend time on apps that are not useful and engaging. There is a great competition in mobile apps these days and without a luring concept, your app is likely to fail in the market. Your app should have valuable features that help you win customers from the market, if you want people to get addicted to your app.


Make sure that the app launch is controlled in an environment within a closed group where you can bring multiple customer segments onto the platform at the same time.


2. It is not user friendly

Mobile apps are meant to make the lives of people much easier. However, there are many mobile apps that confuse users because of which users install those apps. Designing user interface is more than a lot more than an art. It takes a lot to understand user’s behavior.


Some of the factors that result spoil the user-friendliness of mobile app are – unreadable button, long journey to frequently used features, bad portrait resolution, etc. If the user fails to use the core services effectively, he/she may lose interest in your mobile app.


3.It is too big and takes much storage space

Some apps take lot of storage space and this kills the interest of users. Despite of technological advancements, many of the mobile devices have storage space of 16GB or even less. Due to this, users show interest in those apps that take less storage space. Sometimes, users leave the app even if it is not too big.


To optimize the performance of mobile app, users should be notified with the list of app that creates most junk files. If the app leaves too many residual files, then your app will be blacklisted by cleaner app.  Mobile users have very low threshold, especially when it comes to mobile apps. If the mobile app takes too long to load or uses too much memory on device, the user may delete the app.


Top 6 reasons people uninstall your app


4. App crashes too much or has technical issues

Mobile app performance is of great importance. You can enhance the performance of your app by taking care of the technical issues. The stability and robustness of your app determines its greatness and popularity. If the apps are buggy and get more reviews in terms of its performance, it will degrade the user’s interest.


Apps that crash frequently may even corrupt the device in which it is installed. Due to the fear of damaging the device, users uninstall it. Users cannot forgive the apps that have bugs and crashes. To overcome this, app developers should ensure that that they do complete testing and fix the bugs before submitting it to the app store.


5. Too many requests, notifications and ads

The majority of iOS and Android apps are free. Mobile app developers wish to make great amount of money from these apps, and hence, implement a monetization plan such as – including ads, pop-ups, etc. Most of the times, the ads force users to watch the video till the end – which annoys them. This is a classic cue for people to uninstall apps.


To overcome this problem, ads should be designed and deployed in such a manner that they do not interfere with how individuals like to interact with the apps. Apps with too many ads, notifications and requests will leave a negative impact on the user and compels them to uninstall the app. It is a good practice to make the notifications completely useful for the user. Test the notifications before and see to whom and when they should be send.


6. Absence of offline mode

Most of the apps have online functioning mode. If you want the users to show interest in your app, it should have a properly functioning offline mode too. A large percentage of users interact with their apps when during trips. At times, the network coverage is either totally unavailable or weak. If the app is available in offline mode, users are likely to stick to it even at places where there is no network.


This increases the success rate of your app, as users tend to use it actively. If you want users to use your app on a regular basis, you should make it functioning even in offline mode. User experience is the key toward a successful app, and the best way to enhance user experience is make it available in both offline and online modes.



The user engagement level of app drops down with time. More than 55% of users interact with the app for up to one month after downloading it. However, if the app fails to engage the users it may not last for even a week on the handsets.


Users abandoning your app can hurt your business and sales. When users spend some time on your app, they expect wonderful moment. People forget your app for a number of reasons, and if you can address them effectively you can enhance the success rate of your app. If your app fails to achieve this, people would uninstall your app and switch to some other similar app.


Hope this post gave you a basic idea of how to make users engaged in your app. If you have a unique reason we can help with, please comment below.

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