Top iOS 11 Features That Matter Most for App Developers

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iOS11 has set a new standard for the most advanced operating system. Today, mobile apps have become much intelligent using the power of machine learning. App developers can create augmented reality experience with ARKit and get immersed in the most amazing user experience. Whether it is the multi-tasking feature or new camera APIs, iOS 11 has a lot to offer.


If you are excited about trying new features of iOS 11, download it and start using. Apple released the beta version of iOS to download for everyone. Developers need not to pay to download it, as it is still a beta version.The final version of iOS 11 is expected to release this fall.


What are the new features of iOS 11?

The iOS 11 is going to reveal a number of new features. The iOS 11 has sparked great interest among app developers with its better-than-ever features. You can now extend your app capabilities to Messages, Maps, Apple Pay and much more to provide enjoyable experience to the users.


There are many new features of iOS 11 for iPad. However, we’ll have a look at the features of iPhone, iPad and iPod in this post. Wehave put summary of each of these features and narrowing them down to the things that we are most excited about.


Redesigned App Store

The whole app is undergoing a redesign. The new look is pretty cool! Launching the app will first take you to ‘Today’ tab —designed to help with app discovery. You will see all the new collections along with tutorials that show how to do particular things in new apps. The second new tab is the ‘Games’ tab that is designed to discover new and popular games. One can even find previews, tips and gameplay videos within this tab. The app store has changed drastically with more focus on games and in-app purchases. The redesigned app store gave an opportunity for developers to make big improvement to user experience.


New messages

New messages in iOS 11 have been updated with several new features such as app drawer that contains stickers, Apple Pay that lets you pay contacts via iMessage and many more. Apple Pay uses TouchID fingerprint sensor to for money transfer. One can use Apple Pay for payments as well as transfer money to bank account. The new messages in iCloud are synchronized automatically across iOS and MacOS devices. The Quick Type keyboard will allow you to move the keys closer to your thumb for one-hand typing. All these features will unwind the creativity in app developers.



SiriKit of iOS 11 allows you to work with Siri, so that you can get things done with content and services using their voice. This feature adds support for new services — including personal payments, ride booking etc. Sirikit wasn’t open to developers when it was launched in iOS 10. The major change in iOS 11 includes translations feature through voice control. The major update of SiriKit in iOS 11 removed the limitations of voice interactions on different mobile apps. iOS 11 has been updated with translational features through voice control. Voice control has become animportant interface because of the benefits it offers. Supporting such feature should be a high priority for developers due to the importance of voice control.


Apple Pay

Users can make easy and secure payments using Apple Pay by interacting with Maps and Siri. iOS has the ability to support dynamic payment networks and provides sandbox testing environment. The new API will help you use Apple Pay directly from the website. When Apple Pay is supported in the website, users who browse with Safari can make payments using their cards. iOS 11 introduces a new testing environment that let users test cards directly on the device. Developers will be able to build apps that can give unparalleled experiences.


New features of iOS 11


Deletes apps automatically

iOS 11 has a feature to delete unused apps automatically. The ‘Offload Unused Apps’ feature will get rid of unused apps you use infrequently while retaining old documents. You can always restore the app back with a gentle tap on the grayed out app icon. This feature is highly beneficial for owners of 16GB devices, especially if they are using tons of apps. However, there is still no clear evidence on how it can help storage issues. This feature would push app developers to update 32-bit applications, if they want their app to continue attracting new users.



Your iPad can be turned into a completely different machine with iOS 11. Multi-tasking and drag-drop features are sure to transform the way users use iPad on a daily basis. The new multi-tasking version on a device running iOS 11 is simply amazing. With the use of multi-tasking feature on iOS, users can boost their productivity and work more efficiently. The new features of iOS 11 giveapp developers on-machine learning capabilities, making multi-tasking even more powerful. With the much awaited drag and drop feature, users will now be able to carry out tasks more smoothly. The biggest challenge for app developers in previous versions was to enable the kind of complex interactions without losing simplicity.


Augmented Reality

The launch of ARKit gave augmented reality a big boost. It offers a set of frameworks that can help users insert virtual things into world around them. iOS makes augmented reality experience much more interactive. App developers should start leveraging the toolsas e-commerce users can try the items before buying them. Considering the sheer number of devices capable of iOS 11, ARKit could make AR mainstream. Through ARKit, surfaces such as tables and chairs can be identified easily. Despite of being available to users, there are a few interesting concepts in AR. The coolest feature of ARKit is in Apple Maps via Flyover.


Push Notifications

Push Notifications in iOS have become more advanced to the benefit of both app marketers and users. This feature in iOS 11 allows users to engage with notifications, while the screen is locked. Users can watch the video or comment on post without actuallyopening the app.Users have an option to either make the notifications private or public, so that others won’t be able to see the content without unlocking the device. App developers should rethink on how to make effective use of push notifications and the type of experience users want.


Bottom Line

There are dozens of new features that app developers can take advantage of. The old features may break with any new release or update. The new features of iOS 11 bring your device to life like never before. If you are thinking of updating your app for iOS 11, we are there to do the needful.


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