Top iOS 8 Features for iPhone and iPad Users

The WWDC 2014 revealed the new Apple iOS 8 for the 800 million gadget users. Come this fall and all users of iPhone and iPad will be showered with a plethora of latest features to relish and flaunt. Of the latest iOS 8 features for your phones and tablets, the top ones are as follows:
Hey Siri
The updated Siri of Apple’s new operating system is sure to delight all you iPhone and iPad users. When driving, you just need to wake her up by saying “Hey Siri” without touching the screen! You have as many as 22 dictation languages to choose from. Thanks to Shazam, you can now ask Siri to identify your favorite songs and purchase iTunes.
Healthkit API
This time Apple decides to boost health and fitness by introducing HealthKit, an app which gathers data from all health related apps at one place, thereby preparing a detailed health profile for the user. This enables you to send your health records to your doc at chosen healthcare centers. Also, this addition broadens the possibility of the long rumored, iWatch’s entry soon.
iCloud Photo Library
The new iOS 8 boasts of a free storage of 5GB to make you capture and store more and more of your favorite photos and videos in the cloud. Now, access your pics from any device. Also, with the iCloud Photo Library, add multiple effects to your photos by using the ‘smart’ editing feature.

Top iOS 8 Features for iPhone and iPad Users

Ever thought of using your phone or tablet as a remote control for your home? Apple has shaken hands with lots of third parties to make you enjoy the HomeKit. With all the apps accumulated at a single place and all the systems connected, the iOS 8 enables you to automatically manage your home devices from doors and locks to lights and cameras. Sounds cool, isn’t it?
Family Sharing
Using the same credit card you can now share your favorite stuffs with up to six of your family members, relatives or friends. A permission message from you, and all your pics, locations, videos, calendars along with your purchased games, movies, music and books can be shared within your group.
The great news is that Apple is finally welcoming app developers to offer extensions. This way your iPhone or iPad app gets support from other apps giving you an enhanced experience. As a user you don’t have to do anything. As soon as you install an app, its services get automatically extended to other apps. Enjoy interactive widgets and extendable iOS without security threats!
QuickType Keyboard
The new mobile operating system of Apple comes loaded with predictive keyboard feature which predicts your text and finishes it before you have typed the same. Although various Android running phones are already equipped with this feature, Apple’s QuickType commits to quickly adapt to your language habits and various message threads.
Spotlight Suggestions
The new Spotlight suggestion feature makes you a smarter searcher by showing results with news, Wikipedia, suggested websites, neighboring places, iTunes store, iBooks store, related apps and more. Nice way to broaden your knowledge!
Other important iOS 8 features which deserve a mention too encompass the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Messaging, improved Notifications, iCloud Drive, an enhanced Mailbox, better Accessibility and Enterprise characters.

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