Top Magento Extension to Power Your Magento Store

Magento is a very powerful and fast growing system for management of open-source management that is applied to e-commerce. Developed by VarienInc by US, it was first made available for public use on 31st March 2008. Magento uses a database of MSQL, PHP programming and elements of Zend Framework. For storing data, Magento provides a large flexibility of extending the code, modules, extension through modular architecture and also the control options.


Top Magento Extension to Power Your Magento Store


Physical Magento Stores could be located through Location extension, by the creation of a page exhibiting all data relevant to the physical stores by the following ways.


  • Addresses of stores located through Magento Sore Location extension, by using Google Maps. Address, contact number and description of Magento store can be ascertained.
  • Prospective clients are enabled for searching the intended store by identifying the country or city.
  • Easy importing or setting up of multiple store location through a number of parameters.


E-commerce developers have been assuming great significance in the present day online marketing which is not only easy to operate but can also establish an edge over the competitors. They discharge the responsibility of Magento Development that includes development of themes, development of custom extension, customization of template and development of module.


The following are the list of Top 10 free Magento Extensions which you can use for your Magento Store for best result for your e-commerce business. You are advantaged with SEO, Catalog Management, Strong Marketing and customized sites with a combination of extensive support network and highly saleable designs. These are worth mentioning:


  • Zoomed Image: By replacing the image gallery of Magento, with the installation of Cloud Zoom widget, users can have a zoomed image of the product at the point on which it is put.
  • Categorical Image: Helps in sub-categorizing your products for easy presentation in the catalogue clear display to the viewers.
  • Banner Slider: This facilitates display of different unlimited promotion slides on your site.
  • Smart Checkout: Extension system facilitates provision of a customized checkout page, workable with any Magento theme. Moreover, it facilitates all the options related to shipping and payment.
  • Quick Contact: This kind of extension enables customers in sending their feedback about the offered products or services. It aids in customizing along with required update.
  • SEO: Functions aids in optimizing the contents, meta description, image titles and canonical URLs etc.
  • Automatic Kismet: Helps you in preventing from receipt of undesirable mails from product review and Contact Us form. It’s better compared to CAPTCHAS.
  • Layered Navigation: Extension aids you in changing the get-up and over-all structure of navigation by the use of images, check boxes and sliders etc. It permits multiple-selection.
  • Related Product Manager: Aids in generating the related items intended for shopping. It automatically generates related products. With one click, it up-sells and cross-sells.
  • Blog: Putting your contents in the blogs is one of the most effective way of online marketing strategies.


Basically, the contents need to be appealing and touching to the very hearts of the visitors to your site. Once their needs are fulfilled, they will be loyal to your products or services.

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