Top Mobile Technology Trends Expected in 2014

The year 2013 saw development and launch of several hi-tech mobile gadgets and some wearable mobile gadgets launched by some of the top-notch companies across the world. This has made the tech savvy users excited about what’s there for them in this year. Let’s see how technology will be driven by execution, innovation and positioning in 2014.
Mobile phones have always stayed in high demand, but the advent of smart phones changed the scenario completely. Today, mobile phones are not just phones but devices with innumerable uses and advantages. Today, people use mobile phones for communicating, using internet, shopping from e-commerce sites, managing their daily errands and then there are numerous useful apps which augment the utility of a mobile phone considerably.
Here are top mobile technology trends that you can expect in 2014:
Newer and innovative apps
Apps have already made their presence felt across a wide range of industries and in 2014 this range will only enhance. Several app development firms are striving hard to develop engaging and useful apps which can gain popularity among audiences. In 2014, consumers may seek apps that facilitate secure payments though mobile wallet, and apps related to health & calories management.
Launch of a new mobile OS
Innovation is the key to success in the world of technology. Today, mobile world is ruled by three major players Apple, Android and Windows Phone. These three companies will certainly launch their new OSs with a lot more features and advancements. We can also expect the launch of some new mobile OS from some new players in the smart phone landscape.
Augmentation of HD displays and screen sizes
As several companies are competing against each other to develop better smart phones, these companies are working on enhancing the handset displays for up to 2560 X 1440.So, smart phone patrons can expect improved HD displays, higher MP cameras and augmented screen sizes offering better readability.
Faster Mobile Internet
Today, everyone is aware that the sales of PCs and Laptops are decreasing as there’s a steep rise in tablets and smart phones purchase. As people are changing their computing devices, certainly they need much faster internet on their smart devices, as these have become the widely used mediums for accessing the world wide web. So, we can expect some faster mobile broadband in 2014 and the LTE service revenues will continue to showcase dramatic increase. It is expected that all the telecom companies and carriers will prefer to invest in LTE infrastructure to make the fastest internet plans available to their existing and potential customers.
Significant improvement Designs and Appearance
Whatever features a mobile may include, it is always first judged on its look, design and appearance. Thus, these are the most looked after features and the major smart phone & mobile manufacturers will innovate and develop newer & attractive designs that give an incredible appearance.
So, these were some of the trends that may dominate the smart phone and mobile arena in 2014. Promatics with its army of mobile app developers hope to stay on top of it as it is sure 2014 is going to be an interesting year for mobile tech industry.

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