Top Reasons to Choose Magento as Your Ecommerce Platform

Magento is becoming an important tool for the success of present day eCommerce business, especially when commerce has become a huge phenomenon in the Internet world over the last 3 years. Online transactions and online shopping have reached to such a height that it is extremely crucial to manage them effectively in order to stay ahead of the crowd.


Magento is one such web development podium that is best suited for the needs of every eCommerce business. Being an open-source platform, it is the fastest developing and an inexpensive choice for the development of any kind of eCommerce trade. It can be used for international projects or even for local markets. Whatever the business kind is, Magento is ready for anything!


Top Reasons to Choose Magento as Your Ecommerce Platform


Here are some reasons for choosing this platform:


1. Mobile Friendly Configuration


In this modern world of smartphones, it is extremely vital that the content management system of any online store should have mobile friendly features. Magento looks after this issue in a very effective way.


2. Customized Solution


It helps the web developer to personalize the content. This helps in managing the website according to the needs and demands of online business. It makes for an exclusive web presence.


3. Advanced SEO Management


SEO is important for captivating customers in online business. Magneto makes it an easier task to create URLs that are search-engine friendly. Popular search-terms are automatically generated by it that is displayed on the site page. The meta-tags are controlled effectually with the help of Rewrite tool.


4. Cutting-Edge Third Party Integration


Social media plays an important role in the growth of online shopping stores. Thus, it is essential to integrate social media websites like Twitter, Facebook with online stores. Product tagging, sharing wish list are some issues that have to be dealt with successfully. Beetailer integration is used by Magento eCommerce website development to integrate social media so that customers can shop through these pages of Google+, Facebook while working on them.


5. Multiple Store Capability


Unlike other open-source platform, Magento has the proficiency to run more than one online store under the same interface. The administrative panel provides the user with all information making it even user-friendlier.


6. Feature-Rich Program


Specialized tools, that are rarely found in others, are offered by this platform. International currency recognition and live currency rates updating make the buyers more comfortable while doing online shopping.


7. Functionality Expansions


It is equipped with high-level problem-solving capability. Being a resilient platform, Magento troubleshoots a large number of problems with WordPress integration to simplified item hunt function.


8. Seamless CMS


CMS solutions are effectively handled here. Data entry process is simplified where one need not push every item one by one.


9. Affordability


The most beneficial part is its affordability! Normally, one has to pay big for adopting a professional eCommerce platform however with Magento you can be sure it’s just the installation and customization costs with no fee for the platform itself.


The manner in which today’s business growth is taking place it needs the right kind of support at the right places especially if we talk about eCommerce stores. As a professional Magento Development Company, Promatics keeps upgrading its Magento department on a constant basis thus delivering the best services to its clients.

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