Uncovering the Secrets of Health Problems by Apple Research Kit

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There is nothing new that the doctors around us are using the mobile phone, iPhone to change the traditional way that we think about health. Apps produced with Research Kit are already producing many discoveries and unveiled the medical insight at a speed and level that are unimaginable even a few years back. That success has encouraged widening up the provision or possibility from medical research to personal care with the introduction of Care Kit that is a framework for the developers to build new apps that will help to manage your own well-being on the daily basis.

Uncovering the Secrets of Health Problems by Apple Research Kit

What is the function of the Research Kit?

For the medical researcher, it is the first step to the battling disease that is to understand it. Research Kit helps the researchers to attain that objective. It helps to join up the participants and carry out the studies.  Since its introduction, the amount of data collected, and the insight gained that has been innovative. Research Kit has made it easy for the clients to sign up for and participate in a study by using iPhone that is already with you. You will no need to travel to a hospital or can take the facility to complete tasks and fill out the questionnaires. In place of that, you can perform the activities by using the advanced sensors in iPhone for generating the incredibly precise data wherever you are this will providing a source of information that is more objective than ever before.

Function of iPhone in healthcare

There is no doubt that iPhone is a ground-breaking device and it is not limited to a periphery of gaming and social apps. Today it has become a must device in the field of medical science and in other areas where iPhone plays a vital role.  In this present scenario of the market mobile or iPhone is used for personal care that is an appointment to the doctor or saloon or booking the ticket of flights, restaurant everywhere this device has become very important.

People are very much accustomed with iPhone and they use it in every walk of their life. They like to measure their healthcare data with iPhone before they visit the doctor. There is another plus point that people have become more conscious about their health especially when they have the device to them and they know how to get information regarding the subjects’ data they want to know.

Devices used in Research Kit

The device like Fit Bit is the beginning in the healthcare industry and with the arrival of Research Kit things have become perfect over the period. Fit Bit is a physical activity tracker that is designed to help the people. By using this device people have become more active, they eat their diet properly, they sleep perfectly that helps to turn the people into a healthier person. It is seen that iPhones flashlight has reduced the use of torch of the doctors and it is a good sign for a futuristic vision of mobility. You can expect that in near future many medical problems will be solved by using this Apple’s Research Kit framework. Day by day the new devices and operating systems will be enough to handle motion, camera movements, face detection, and touch.

Functions that facilitate the people

This Apple’s Research Kit framework helps you in different ways such as:

  •    Surveys
  •    Consent
  •    Active Tasks
  •    Bringing patients better post-surgical care
  •    Managing chronic conditions day by day
  •    Easier way to manage diabetes
  •    Taking research out of the lab into the real world

The biggest challenge that medical researchers face is recruiting the participants. Only a few people come forward and allow themselves for the study. But a maximum number of people using iPhone around the world that means that these apps built on Research Kit can enroll the participants and gather data in bigger numbers than before. You can collect the information on the regular basis or even in hourly basis. You can collect the information daily and can take care of your health on the basis of the data.

Use of Research Kit in different diseases

In a short period of time, the apps built on Research Kit become a helping device to the medical institutions and help to enroll an unprecedented number of participants in their studies. In this, the researchers are gaining because they gain insight and discover correlations that were impossible before.

Parkinson’s disease

This device provides a clear picture of Parkinson’s disease to the researchers so that they can understand the Parkinson’s disease by using the gyroscope and other iPhone features to measure balance, dexterity, gait, and memory. Researcher gets the greater insight into the factors that makes symptoms in better or in worse like sleep, mood, and exercise.

Predict Seizures

The Apple Watch helps to the researchers by predicting seizures before they take place. EpiWatch app is a device that helps people to track it accurately the onset and duration of seizure in real time, creating a correlation between episode history and medication. Participants can get the impending seizure by tapping on Apple Watch.


You can use GPS feature in iPhone, you can get the information of Asthma. The Asthma Health app helps participants better manage their condition by giving real-time information on areas with poor air quality.  The study track pattern is on an individual basis, the researchers expect to discover new ways to personalize the treatment.


For the diabetic patients, it is very much helpful. You have to use the gyroscope and accelerometer in your iPhone to measure the movement, along with self-reports of food intake and medication fulfillment, the GlucoSuccess app helps the researchers to study the relationship between glucose levels and activity, diet, and treatment. There are different types and sub-types of diabetes, some of the diseases are more responsive to the app.

Hepatitis C

There are certain diseases that have become common to the human beings. The researchers use a combination of health metrics including activity levels and heart rate along with surveys on symptoms and treatment, the CTracker gives the researchers an insight into how the Hepatitis C virus and current medications affect the patient’s life.


Researchers are using this SleepHealth app to identify connections between sleep habits and conditions like diabetes, obesity, COPD, heart disease and depression. The researchers use the sensors in Apple Watch. The SleepHealth app tests give the daytime alertness and measures the data against self-reported sleep patterns and sleep quality.

There are many more diseases where this app is used. In each case, it proves helpful to the researchers and they get an insight of the diseases and its medication that ultimately proves to be helpful to the people. In this way, it shows that people have become more conscious about their health.

Better care of health

Just a few years back we could not dream of such life. Today people have become prone to different diseases. Sometimes they come across with such diseases that they have never heard before. The research works are developing day by day to give support and help to the people. With the right apparatus, you can play an active role in managing your own health. Research Kit and Care Kit both are helpful to the patients and researchers both because in both the cases iPhone app is needed to get the proper result.

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