Want to Improve Conversion Rates – Use these strategies

Nothing can be more daunting for a e-commerce website owner than a potential customer entering the checkout process only to leave the website before committing to the transaction. As per Enterprise Apps Today, about 60% of online shoppers log out before completing the online transaction. Well, there are several reasons for this. So is there any solution?
The most crucial step in the online purchase process is the checkout process and some small changes & improvements on the website can make huge difference in sealing the sale and reducing shopping cart abandonment.
Here are some strategies that you can use:
Make the checkout process simpler
Plenty of conversion studies have revealed that simpler checkout processes with lesser clicks can enhance the conversions significantly. Additionally, a visual indicator showing the progress of the shopping process can also act in your favour.
Let buyers add products to their wish list or save their favourite products
Many buyers may not be able to purchase the products when they see them on your site. So, why not help your customers by giving them the option to save their favourite products for their next shopping or future purchase. It will certainly boost your overall sales.
Include a brief product summary
Just letting the shopper know the name and number of the product is sometimes not enough. More details you include, the customer is more likely to get convinced that he has made the right decision. Details about colour, size and other possible customizations will certainly help you.
Include Pre-order availability
Work very carefully with pre-orders, as the customers who place pre-orders are certainly valuable customers. Always keep your customers updated about when can they expect the pre-orders. In the events the release date changes, notify your customers. Amazon follows an amazing policy in relation to pre-orders and offers its customers a credit if the price of the product drops at the launch from the original price at the time pre-order.
Provide free shipping
Time and again, many customers admit that one of the factors that appeal them the most about e-commerce companies is free shipping. Though, free shipping can affect your bottom lines, you can at least offer free shipping to your customers after they spend a specific amount of money.
Include security seals and credit card logos
Security is the most significant aspect and any doubt about the security of website can be off-putting for the customer. But inclusion of security seals and acceptable credit card logos would aid your customers to trust your website.
Introduce a loyalty program
Loyalty programs are a hit in the market. Offer the loyalty points to your customers in exchange for reviews, ratings and purchases. This will encourage them to spend time navigating your site and certainly shop from it.
Provide premium customer care and return policies
Good customer service and return policies are two of the most looked for aspects and these certainly help customers to trust an e-commerce site. By offering a no-questions asked return policies and 24 X 7 customer support is surely going to work in your favour.

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