Web design trends we can expect to see in 2017

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The year 2016, no doubt was a great year for web designers and mobile app developers. We witnessed a new aspect of web designing in the year 2016. We all know that there is a rapid change in the world of web design & development, and the trends come and go with very fast pace. Change in trends happen in all the creative fields, and same is the case with web design and development.

As we are entering in to the New Year 2017, we have picked up a few amazing web design trends that can perform well in 2017 and beyond.

Increased demand for responsive designs

Responsive design is not new, but we can expect the websites to automatically adapt to every screen size. Additionally, Google is going to rank these websites high on search engine results, causing the responsive designing trend to be adopted on a wider scale. For those, who are not familiar with responsive web design, it is essential to build a site with flexible layouts. The best thing about responsive web design is that it allows businesses to pay for a single site that delivers content on devices of different size.

Mobile first approach

Till now, web sites are first designed for large screen and then for small screen. The trend is going to change in 2017, where websites are going to be designed for mobiles first, then working up to big screen devices. With the increasing use of mobile devices, we noticed a significant drop in desktops and laptops in 2016. This growth is likely to be continued in 2017, as companies are realizing the importance of having site that delivers content on small screens. Mobile devices are treated as primary devices and are likely to get onboard in 2017.

Web design trends we can expect to see in 2017

New trends in scrolling and parallax

More and more users use their mobile devices and tablets to view information, and scrolling is going to play an important role in enhancing the readability of the website. Scrolling is going to become more creative, and the trend will continue in 2017 with new features such as parallax scrolling, 3D effect, effective storytelling and many more.

We all know that scrolling is a versatile mechanic and can work well with different types of content. It works well with video based content and even image based content in the same way. We can expect more experiments in parallax scrolling in 2017 with added levels of interaction and functionality. We will also see how parallax changes are going to be implemented online with extra level of polish. It is a great visual tool which gives a sense of dynamism.

Utilization of prototyping tools

Rapid prototyping tools are the best approaches that change the world of web designing. They are must-have tools for UX and UI designers.  One can use rapid prototyping tools from different services that allow designers to create high fidelity prototypes quickly. Many of these services allow you to design in the browser and launch it directly from the tool.

Gone are the days, when web designers used to show static frames to clients and explain everything in great detail. Rapid prototyping tools allow your clients to see how the site looks and works, without any long conversation. There are many tools available today, which can significantly increase in 2017. We can anticipate more services and tools in pursuit of streamlined workflow and enhanced efficiency.

Asymmetrical design with more focus on originality

Asymmetric designs are going to set a new trend in the year 2017, where imbalanced nature of layout will become the key element of designing. Designers are likely to break the grid by creative use of typography, colors and images.  Additionally, the year will bring a lot of experimentation in color, where designers use vibrant colors and embrace statement color schemes and gradients. We can also expect to see more and more animation to engage the users, making the experience much interactive.

These days, customers seek authenticity from brands, due to which stock pictures won’t cut it anymore. In order to strike connection with its audience, it is must to consider original visuals and animations that actually represents who they are.

UI patterns and split screen layouts

There is a lot of online competition across multiple brands across different sectors, and it is difficult for companies to take risk in user’s journey. With the increasing popularity of WordPress themes and templates, all the websites look and function in a similar way. The new UI and UX patterns led the web to become a user friendly place, and it makes sense to use them to enhance the quality of website. There are many great UI and UX kits available today that are easily styled and manipulated. You can take web designing out of the box by trying these tested designs.

Split screen layout is no doubt a great alternative to traditional web design.   Their popularity will likely to continue in the coming year. Split screen layouts were highly in demand in 2016 with their versatile style, giving a striking experience when implemented correctly. Along with this, use of personalized icons and creative typography will surely be a strong focus in web design in 2017.

Image based navigation

Effective web designing is all about enhancing the user experience. In order to simplify the user experience, one can expect image based navigation menus, micro interactions and card layouts everywhere next year. A greater amount of content will be displayed, which users will be able to filter and customize according to their preference. Image based navigation menus with improved functionality and custom visuals are the best way to enhance user experience. More and more websites are expected to take their feedback forms in full screen, encouraging users to complete the form.

Besides the above, there are many new and innovative web design trends waiting in the wings to revolutionize web designing in the year 2017.    Many existing trends will continue to grow in 2017, and we believe that the above ones are seen throughout 2017.

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