What are the benefits of mobile apps for restaurant business?

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There is a huge competition in the restaurant industry these days. Many restaurants are finding ways to effectively market themselves. Due to the increasing demand for mobile phones, it is likely that your target audience can be reached with mobile apps. Developing a mobile app for restaurant business has become essential in today’s competitive scenario.


It’s no surprise that reputed restaurants like Domino’s, KFC, Starbucks, etc have their in-house apps. Then, there are third-party apps such as UberEats, OpenTable, Zagat, Zomato etc that have taken food business to the next level. These mobile apps have content-rich displays that people can explore on their screens without even stepping into the restaurant. If they didn’t find anything of their choice, they browse further to check the reviews posted by other customers. Based on the reviews, they book a table or order food without leaving their home. Isn’t it easier?


As the apps for on-demand services are mushrooming in the market, we take an attempt to present a comprehensive guideline on how to design mobile apps for the restaurant industry. We explore the quickly changing landscape of mobile apps with respect to the restaurant industry.


What are the benefits of mobile apps for restaurant business?

There are a number of reasons why restaurant business needs mobile apps. In a survey, it was found that more than 77% of Americans own a smartphone. Mobile usage of mobile web has increased drastically, while the desktop usage decreased. The benefits of owning mobile app for restaurant business outweigh any perceived disadvantage.


Mobile apps for restaurant business are highly beneficial. Whether it is growing your bookings valuing your loyalty or boosting your brand awareness – mobile apps play an important role. Outgoing individuals can book a table in flash, whereas stay-at-home people can have their food delivered directly to them.


As said above, different types of mobile apps have emerged such as –in-house apps and on-demand apps. The food sector has managed to be highly professional industry catering the ever growing needs of consumers. There are many restaurants that offer affordable services and provide an amazing user experience. Some of the benefits of mobile apps for restaurant business are as below –


  • Online reservation

There are plenty of mobile apps that connect users with nearby restaurants, allowing them to reserve a table. Various active restaurants are connected to such requests and enable users to check if it has a vacant table or not.  This reduces traffic congestion in restaurants. Not only this, the mobile apps manage customer’s data and keep on updating them with relevant information such as offers, discounts and attractive deals.


  • Online menu

There are various that allow users to place their order using online menu card. Users can order anything they want with just a few clicks on their phone, providing a highly convenient user experience. Many restaurants have the same facility for their mobile apps, but only a few restaurants upload their digital menu. Users can choose a restaurant based on their budget and preference in terms of food items.


  • Quick delivery

Mobile apps made food ordering easier, as it eradicated the mediator’s role in booking. These apps save user’s time and allow users to order what exactly they want. Users can also track the status of their order using GPS technology. To strengthen the delivery process, restaurant owners can tap on where the delivery is.


What are the benefits of mobile apps for restaurant business

  • Online visibility

Mobile apps are the best way to promote your restaurant business. No matter what kind of sector your business belongs to, it is crucial to have an online presence. Mobile apps attract the large audience in short time span, particularly when the marketing is effective. It enhances brand value and many people get to know about new restaurants online only. It is must for every restaurant to have an aggressive online presence. Many restaurants even provide end users with wi-fi facility to attract internet obsessed people.


  • Reviews and ratings

The key benefit of having a mobile app for your restaurant business is online rating and reviews. A lot of people check the ratings of the restaurant to decide whether they should go there or not. Mobile apps allow visitors to rate the restaurant based on their experience. According to these reviews, they will get an option to know the sections of improvement.


  • Great deals and discounts

People often get attracted to the words like ‘Today’s offer’, ‘huge discount’, ‘Great deal’ etc. Sometimes, the deals are selective based on a variety of factors. Mobile apps shifted the trend in the way restaurants bring in new business by offering discounts.Whether it is pricing the menu or considering the customer choice, restaurants can simply drop the pricing that suits them. Those in restaurant industry need to work on this if they want to keep pace with the rest of the market.


  • Mobile payments

Mobile payment is the current trend that is influencing the dining habits of people. A research showed that 40% of smartphone users prefer to use mobile payments in restaurants, as it is highly convenient. It takes only 5 minutes to complete the payment process with a mobile app. some restaurants even offer customers to order food even before they research the restaurant. Whether it is takeaway or dining, their order is ready to be served.


In short, we can say that restaurants are not just limited to B2C activities but yields fruitful results in B2B activities. Restaurant owners have tie-ups with many vendors, bakery shops, grocery stores etc. mobile apps allow restaurants to become a part of the big chain for which the restaurant is a part. Technology can solve a number of problems by streamlining the business chain from getting vegetables in the kitchen to the time it is delivered to the customer.



Mobile apps are an excellent tool for restaurants trying to reduce customer chain. Developing own app can be game-changing for your restaurant business. The restaurant industry has changed by the increasing use of smartphones and mobile apps. Technology is adding value to the thought of buying food. It is always interesting to know which industry will be disrupted next to the increasing demand for mobile apps.


Mobile apps have empowered the restaurant business to create an amazing dining experience. Your restaurant can become more efficient with more power in your hands.


Want help to build a mobile app for your restaurant business? Whether you own a restaurant or manage a restaurant, we can help you create a mobile app that fulfils your business requirements. Contact us to know more about how we can help your restaurant business grow.

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