What CES 2016 Brought this Year?

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Every year in January, Consumer Electronics Show takes place in Las Vegas, where thousands of companies announced their new and exciting gadgets and products they have worked on secretly.

This year’s CES show was no different with some of the most extraordinary launches taking place from 6th Jan- 9th Jan ranging from amazing TVs, drones to smart wearables you may actually want to use!


What CES 2016 Brought this Year?


CES 2016 wrapped up last weekend, and broke the attendance records at the almost 50-year-old trade show that flaunts the supreme and latest products and technologies connecting the world. The CES was attended by more than 170,000 people where around 50k from outside the U.S., and approx. 6k journalists arrived on nearly 2.5 million square feet of trade fair space to cover the latest technological products announced by 3,800 exhibitors.

As always, CES served lots of incredible new products, from 800-watt amplifiers 8K TVs, to hi-res turntables and Atmos soundbars.

Here’s a quick overview of the top 9 Gadgets CES 2016 brought to make people life easier and fun-


Samsung Modular TV

At CES 2016, Samsung announced many products but its Modular TV concept was the most interesting one.

Several screens combining together to make one bigger picture— this is Samsung Modular TV.



FitBit entered into the smartwatch market though it lies somewhere between a fitness tracker and smartwatch. Fitbit Blaze also depends on a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone for using GPS.


Faraday Future FFZero1 Concept

Faraday exposed the FFZero1 concept, a kind of Batman-meets-Thunderbirds single seated racer automobile. It has Nasa-inspired cabin and carbon fiber body. It’s flexible electric auto platform using batteries wired along like X-mas tree lights.


LG Signature G6 OLED TV

At CES 2016, LG proclaimed new OLED models, along with latest LCD LED models. The E6 and G6 models develop a new flagship, where G6 fell into a new superlative products class from LG, well-known as LG Signature.

The E6 and G6 models offer HDR support and 4K resolution; boast an Ultra HD Premium compliant display, having Dolby Vision, carrying the new approval seal, in addition to sustaining principles for other HDR sources, like YouTube. The E6 and G6 OLED TVs operates on web OS 3.0 for a connected smart experience, while assuring amazing picture quality.


Casio WSD-F10

WSD-F10, Casio’s first smartwatch was announced at CES 2016. It runs on Android Wear. Its feature involves the MSL-STD-810 military compliance and best water-resistance up to 50 meters. It has a 1.32-inch screen with 320 x 300 resolutions and offers a choice between full-color and monochrome mode. The WSD-F10 incorporates accelerometer and compass, a pressure sensor, air pressure, with users able to check altitude, tide graphs, and activity, to name a few.


Audi HTC Vive VR Configurator

At CES 2016, Audi announced its Vive VR headset and its partnership with HTC. The partnership will let Audi offer their consumers in a handful of its brand stores the power to make up their cars using 3D VR (Virtual Reality).

Using Vive VR headset, customers will have the flexibility to see which interior or color they like better, see the car of their option simply anywhere and will be it a good choice to upgrade the sound systems.


Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar

Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar, a coding toy was announced by Fisher Price at CES 2016. This coding toy is especially designed to assist small children in understanding the basic of codings like imagining skills, problem-solving and sequencing.

The Code-A-Pillar is a motorized caterpillar having 8 tail sections which can be cracked simultaneously in any order (left/right/straight/pause/flash its light) to perform tasks in.


Panasonic Lumix TZ100

The Panasonic Lumix TZ100, well-known as the SZ100 in the U.S., link up with an escalating raft of cameras built about a 1-inch sensor, assuring improved image quality. It combines more zoom with 10x optical zoom lens and is a highly developed sequel from the TZ series model.


Naim Mu-so Qb

At CES 2016, there was ample of audio kit tucked away, but Naim’s Mu-so Qb made a space for many reasons. The follow-up to the Mu-so compact speaker system, the Qb is a dropped-down, cube-design form of the original. It has an attractive design, excellent audio with exchangeable color grilles.

Overall this year’s edition was an extension of what started last year. Hopefully we will be able to see many of the concepts displayed in popular use soon.

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