What goes in making an Uber for trucking app?

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According to a recent report submitted by Business Insider, the annual income of transport industry is $800 billion. This figure opened ample of opportunities for small, medium and large businesses. The perfect example of the apps that revolutionized transportation industry includes names like – Lyft and Uber.


Amazon, one of the biggest e-seller is planning to enterinto the transportation industry. From this, we can say that mobile apps have a great potential to make the industry more efficient by fulfilling the needs of consumer.


A good amount of profit is created by cargo and shipping companies. If you want to develop an app like Uber for trucks, you must read this till the end. In this post, I am going to help you learn how to create an Uber app for trucking.


Benefits of Uber app for trucking

Well, the economy of Uberization was driven by the success of Uber. It is the model that everyone wants to bring into their business. The company has expanded well in the industry with the launch of “Uber Freight”, eliminating the need for the middleman. The launch of logistic based apps is not new. They have seen a great profit in countries like China, Japan and neighboring countries.


Mobile apps for Uber optimize the cost and time taken to deliver packages. A trucking app will eliminate the need for third party agents between truckers and shippers, establishing a direct connection. Additionally, it will offer pricing and driving directions in real time. There are a few factors to consider when creating a trucking app.


Carriers who use Uber for trucking does not have to waste their time taking phone calls from third party agents. They can receive load requests from their customers directly and assign it to the driver, simplifying the entire process.


Carriers can ensure better booking and shipment experience by having an app for trucking. They can acquire new customers easily and get more business from existing customers, growing their business at a faster rate.


How to model trucking apps?

Uber app for trucking is designed in a different way than otherlogistic apps. The app should take into account the concept of the on-demand service of matching the driver to the customer. The app must setthe price based on the distance to be covered, size and weight of the container.


The main objective of app developers should be to grow the network of available carriers. You need detailed information of drivers such as – vehicle type, size, real-time location, insurance information etc. The app should work well, streamlining the delivery process.


The transportation industry will surely benefit from having an app that serves consumer needs in a better way.  A mobile app for trucking will help you improve visibility across a company’s supply chain and lower expenses.


There are some companies that have already picked up on the idea of using mobile technology to connect shippers with carriers. If you want to create a mobile app for trucking, you should include features like –


  • Freight schedule management
  • Freight tendering
  • Freight sharing
  • Real-time tracking of shipment
  • Map with detailed routing
  • Push notifications about payments
  • Cargo details along with the ability to take photos
  • List of current drivers/carriers
  • Ability to adjust the timetable
  • List of accepted and ongoing orders
  • Built-in chat with 24/7 customer support
  • Driver rating that allows shippers to select only reliable drivers


Uber app for trucking can be categorized into shipper app and driver app. In shipper app, the shipper can list jobs by specifying delivery information, pick up location and freight dimensions. The carriers can accept the job using Driver app.  As soon as the shipment is accepted, the driver app sends a notification to the shipper to notify pickup schedule. Shipper can track the location of their freight in real time. Once the shipment is delivered, the driver emails the delivery note to the shipper.


How to model trucking apps


For a smooth financial transaction, the app should make sure that the driver is paid shortly after the job is completed.  App developers should consider the pricing factor when creating cargo tracking app.


How to make money from trucking app?

Well, there are different monetization strategies. The trucking app should not only automate the process but offer a user-friendly pricing policy. For instance – transmission should be free for carriers, while shippers are charged 3% of the load value.


The app should offer a transparent pricing scheme that is much lower in comparison to traditional brokers. In fact, the pricing should be lesser than other trucking apps. Additionally, quicker transactions will attract drivers and carrier companies. This will not only help you build trust with your clients but develop your business.


When you choose payment solution, you need to consider security issues. You should assure that clients that it is absolutely safe to transact on your trucking app. The best way to do this is to integrate with reliable third-party solutions like – Stripe, PayPal etc.


Another important factor to consider in terms of pricing is to minimize maintenance cost. When the vehicle goes half empty and consumers pay only for half space, you need to cover the problem of LTL (less than truck load) deliveries.  The best way to overcome this is to add pickup feature to maximize the profit.


From the market success of Uber and related apps, we can say that consumers are willing to pay a premium for the reliable transportation service via their smart devices.



The bottom line is that transportation apps base themselves of carriers, which gives them an opportunity to accept or reject the opportunities, pick/delivery selected by algorithms and do many more. When developing Uber for trucking app, make sure to legitimate your app else, your shippers won’t trust your app services.


Before you start developing trucking app, you should consider the pre-screen the drivers to inspect their vehicles, create a database of reliable online carriers and review their reputation. This will help you ensure no illegal drivers or carriers are using your app.


To run Uber trucking app successfully, you don’t need a million dollar resources. You can make the logistic app successful by integrating with features like – a separate platform for carriers and customers, delivery request in seconds, host estimation cost within the app and many more.


If you are interested in exploring logistic apps, check out our work. We can help you build the best trucking app that is in accordance with your business needs. Being an experienced app development company, we can take care of logistics app development. Get in touch with our team for free consultation and investigations.

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