What is Agile Development for Mobile Apps?

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What is Agile Development?

In a very easy language, Agile Development can be defined as the combination of several development strategies to make the task easier. It’s an umbrella term which describes several agile methodologies. Agile practitioners generally split one large module into smaller chunks so that task can be performed into easy and efficient way.


What is Agile Development?


Following Agile Methodologies for mobile application development can be quite advantageous as while development, integrating documentation and quality testing can be done at every step.

Few years’ back application/software development companies used to practice Waterfall model for the development. So why Agile came into existence might be a question for us.


Characteristics of Mobile Application

If we will go couple of years’ back, desktop application was something in demand. But now a day’s Mobile Application dominates day to day life of an individual.
There are many challenges in developing the mobile apps; question is how to develop an application with below features:

  • An Application which can be downloaded quickly.
  • Application which use minimum hardware
  • Can be developed in minimum time
  • Changes can be done as per user demands
  • Application with short development lifecycle

Answer of the question above is “Agile Development”. Yes by following Agile Development process a mobile app development agency can develop high quality mobile applications with all the features mentioned above.


The Promatics’ approach to Agile Development

Being an Agile practitioner our first approach to start any application development project is analysis, followed by a coding step. Then we follow the five most important steps, listed below:


Program Design: This phase includes function processing, database design, allocate execution time, defining interfaces and processing modes with operating system and describe the inputs and outputs of processing.

Documentation on Design: Enforcement of documentation requirement is the first rule of managing application development.

Sprint Design: Laying out the whole execution plan in sprints helps to easily identify the crucial steps in mobile app development.

Daily Scrum Meetings: Interaction and communication is very crucial when you are working with agile methodology.

Check the program twice: Before delivering the APK/SDK to client we cross-check the program twice so that the actual application does not differ from what is required. Proper arrangement of written program matters a lot as it plays a major role in success of any application.

When we start working on any project on mobile app development, as per agile practice; we break down the functional requirement into user stories. Promatics’ make it a foundation of work (app development) schedule.

We at Promatics worked on ample number of requirements wherein we follow Agile to break all these requirements into small and manageable chunks, which makes our work easy, reliable with successful delivery to client.


Agile Lifecycle


Importance of Mobile App Testing in Agile Model

A comprehensive testing plays a crucial role in the success of mobile application because an application lives in several operating systems like android, iOS etc. varying across a wide variety of devices. Coordination between testers and developers is the key to each type of available testing process. We go beyond the traditional approaches for testing which includes crowd-testing. Crowd-testing is one of the techniques which play a major role in the success of mobile app. If you want your mobile app to succeed you need the users who can test it as soon as possible.

The testing process is very important for Agile development. It allows mobile app developers and designers to work closely with end users so that they can build a user friendly mobile application. Apart from this, the testing process helps designers to build application which is compatible for all mobile devices.


Agile App Development with Promatics

Mobile apps development can be quite tricky however with Promatics’ proven agile approach the uncertainty is removed. Our agile experts will shape up your project in the best possible manner with the shortest go to live time. Are you looking to create an awesome app backed by agile development approach? Pitch us your idea and we will take it from there.

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