What is possible with Apple ARKit and what apps are using it?

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Apple announced the ARKit a recently and opened doors for tons of opportunities for developers. Using this tool, developers can build AR based apps whose user experience is far beyond 2D apps. Experts of the industry believe that ARKit could help Apple to compete directly with Google, as developers can now develop unique and innovative 3D apps.


With the roll out of iOS 11, apple has succeeded in turning out many smartphones into AR enabled devices. ARKit, the new developer framework made it possible to take users to a different world. The AR apps will look much better on newer devices such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPad Pro etc that are able to run ARKit apps.


What is ARKit and what you can do with it?

ARKit is the software tool that enable developers to build AR based apps for iOS. ARKit apps allow users to put a 3D image using the concept of visual inertial odometry that takes advantage of device’s sensors to track the world. Anyone who is using iOS device that runs on A9 or A10 processor can use ARKit apps. The key objective is to recognize the apps using walls and floor, establishing the geometry of space.


What is ARKit?


The objective of ARKit is to let the user drop object into the scape around them and manipulate using touch screen. Other than this, ARKit app can even track the objects on the device as it is moved. The illusion is shattered, as soon as the device loses the track. ARKit can use progressive analysis of space to track position of objects in real time. The obvious use of ARKit is interior design where you can place objects in a room, and see how it looks as the phone is turned.


Apple is betting on developers to build AR experiences for millions of iOS users. ARKit made it possible to create an entirely new category of apps that run on iPhones. Apple also built special displays to wear that make AR a part of everyday experience.


Though it is the most advanced and latest technology, there are a few limitations of ARKit. This tool is processor intensive and will drain the battery quickly. Moreover, it cannot cope up with fast motion. If you want to play ARKit game in a living space with several objects, then it is not going to work. The reason behind this is that the environment mapping depends on identifying plane surfaces and any clutter or objects won’t help.


What all apps are using ARKit?

ARKit is viewed as something that is integrated deeply into your phone. The best thing about the ARKit is the effective usage of camera and other sensors. There are a healthy number of AR based apps most of which are games and social media additions. Some of the popular AR apps that are using ARKit are as below –


Stack AR

This simple and fun-filled game allows you to stack blocks in front of you. Users can create an environment and play it anywhere and anytime. The objective of this game is to stack blocks as high as possible. Users can even compete with their friends who are playing in some other location. If you want to see what AR experience is like, you should consider playing it with your friend.


Stack AR App



This is a measurement tool designed using the ARKit. This applet users’ measure different things using their smartphone. Users can use latest version iPhone or iPad to measure straight lines of any surface accurately. This app can be downloaded for free from the store and is very useful for measuring the length of desk, wall etc.There is a similar app called AR Tape Measure using which you can find the exact distance between objects.


ARMeasureKit App



This is an interior designing app that allows you to put life-sized furniture anywhere in the room. You can take picture of any furniture outside or use catalogue of a bunch of different types of furniture and check how it looks in your living room, bedroom or any other area of the house. This is a perfect AR for those who want to plan their future home. Use the power of augmented reality to let your place fully rendered 3D objects anywhere from the world.


Housecraft App


ModiFace 3D

This is an AR app that let you see how you would look with different hair colors. It has many advanced features such as hair coloring, eye colors, face effects, teeth whitening and much more. This app works in 3D in video mode, which you can record with an effect. This is a highly accurate 3D facial feature tracking app that can even measure and track expressions through 68 parameters.


ModiFace 3D App



Skyguide is an innovative app that pastes constellations onto the sky. The actual star charts for your position can easily be determined using the compass and your location. All you need to do is hold your device to the sky to find constellations, satellites, planets and many more. This app is useful for people of all age groups. With sky guide, knowing the sky is no more a difficult task.


Skyguide App


World brush

This ARKit based app allows users to draw 3D shapes in real world. This app is similar to Google’s Tilt Brush VR app. The best thing this app is that users can draw anything in public space, which others can see on their device. The drawing stays on there forever until it is deleted by the user.


World brush App


Thomas and Friends

This is the AR app that lets the users design tracks for Thomas (the engine) to run on. You can use this app to make the world appear in front of you. If you want to show the potential of AR to your kids, it is the best app.


Thomas and Friends App



We all know that Edmunds is a car shopping and information platform that let you test the car you want to see if it fits inside any particular space. This comprehensive vehicle research app is available for US market and makes it easy to buy or sell your car. This app has made shopping a new car easier than ever.


Edmunds App


AR apps are the future of smartphone industry. There are many companies that have created their own AR experiences that help users imagine things in real life. When it comes to teach practical skills such as technical drawing, designing, sketching etc –AR apps are the best.



Apple’s ARKit is a great tool that adds AR functionality to iPhone apps. ARKit is using visual inertial odometry technique to create correspondence between real world and virtual spaces. The notable features of ARKit are – scene image, tracking differences in position, comparing information with motion sensing data and many more.


Developers can create any kind of app with ARKit. Though there is a huge demand for AR games, there is a great use for AR in normal apps such as – shopping, entertainment, mapping etc. Check out the above AR apps to know more.

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