What Makes A Great App?

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We are living in the digital world where almost every individual holds smart phones, iPads and off course uses mobile apps as mobile apps have contributed to making life easier. And hence most of us keep mobile applications installed on our phones according to our needs. The reason behind the usage of mobile apps may vary from person to person. Some use mobile apps for fun, some use for increasing knowledge, some for entertainment, some of shopping, some for personal use, some for professional but the main concern remains the same – to make our life easier.

But have you ever think that what makes these apps great or how to make great apps which users love to access frequently over other apps of the same category. If you have or if you haven’t thought then today I will discuss those essential points with you that truly help you in making the best apps.

So here the list of points begins including both technical and non-technical:-

1. Your Motive of Creation of App

This is one of the crucial factors to keep in mind. Keep your reason clear before the creation of app as clear purpose leads to better creation and hence success. When you have a clear motive, you know what you have to do and how to do it to make it efficient and best. So keep your purpose clear.

2. Keep Value on Priority

Value is something which users look for each and everything used by them. So try to provide value to your app which your user or audience is looking for. And for that you don’t have to do something very special, you just have to keep certain factors in mind during the creation of the app. These factors include:-

a) Keep it Uncomplicated: It just means that keep your app simple. Don’t overwhelm it by adding features which are not necessary or the elements which create unnecessary hindrance in the usage of the app. So try to keep the most crucial information and features in more focus so that it stands out as best in its domain. It is because also don’t like to use apps which are too much complicated or not friendly to use.

b) Provide Them What They Want: Yes, provide them what they want- know your audience. It just means try to provide them the most accurate information for which they are searching. For example, if a user searches for “girls clothing” and you are providing information related to “women wears” then there are more chances that user will not open your app again. And in my opinion which not a single company wants to happen with their app.

c) Try to solve their problems: It is also one of the important factors which you shouldn’t overlook. As most of the time, many apps or companies avoid the user problems which lead to the failure of the apps. Thus, try to solve their problems as soon as you can. It is because users love to visit those apps again and again which solves their problem or provide exactly, for what they are looking. And you can do it providing an alternative solution to the existing problem or by improving in the sections from which users have queries. For the same, you can see the review section of your app on the respective stores and additionally also can see the reviews of the similar apps so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes or even can provide an app solving those problems.

3. Keep it Accessible

As everybody in this age is in a hurry. Everyone wants to have anything on fingertips, same it is in the case of mobile apps. Thus, during the creation of your app try to keep your mobile application accessible. It just means that provide them a way to interact with your app with one or two clicks. You can do it by reducing the sign-up time for your app if your app requires sign-up. And in present date one, the easiest way to provide them for sign-up is through social media login. It just requires one or two clicks, and the user gets done with the sign-up process.

4. Make it Adaptable Across All Devices

It is also one of the important factors to consider while creating the app. It is because of different user’s uses various types of devices like Smartphone, tablets, etc. So try to provide the outlook (design) of the app which is adaptable according to their screen.

5. Make it Easily Navigable

It is very necessary for an app that users find it easy to move from one point to another. And for that Navigation is an important factor to concern whether it is app design or website design as it helps users to navigate throughout your app quickly. So try to keep your app easily navigable as it will increase user’s interest in using the app.

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6. Decrease Loading Time

As I said earlier everyone wants everything to get done fast same, it is in the case of loading time of apps. Every user wants to have such an app which loads fast and provides information instantly. So, during the creation of the app try to avoid those functionalities in the app which increases its load time, regardless of their appeal. If you do so, it will only result in crashing, stopping and slowing down the app which no user wants to have during the use of the app. And also no company wants to bear such loss.

7. Keep it Secure

Security is also a significant concern as most of the people now shop through these apps and pay the bills through these apps, so these apps should be highly secure. It is because transaction involves sharing of sensitive information of user’s account details. So, it shouldn’t be reached to some wrong hands.

8. Keep Focus on Response Time

Yes during the creation of the app it is also one of the crucial factors to work on. Try to minimize your response time; it is because as soon as you respond to your users or audience, they would love to visit you again and again. It simply adds a humanizing touch to your app as they will feel that there is someone to hear them and respond them just like the hike app.

9. Make It a Reliable one

Reliability is a factor which makes users keep your app on their mobile. Thus, try to keep your apps safe, so it exists on their devices. And you can do it by keeping your app less resource consuming (if it is highly resourced consuming it will hang up device which no bears in present date and instantly uninstalls that particular app) and by iterative testing of the app before the launching of the app in the marketplace.

10. Keep it Consistent with the platform

Yes, keep it compatible with the platform for which you are making the app. It just means that use the components according to the nature of the platform which mobile app stores also includes in their guidelines. For instance, if you are making an app for iOS then use standard components and navigation tools which app store suggest. Similarly, if you are making an app for Windows then use components like buttons, boxes, etc.

11. Try to Avoid Placing Ads

Yes, try to avoid placing the ads in mobile apps. It is because most of the times users don’t even click on the ads and also sometimes users find them extremely irritating especially the apps which come in between the execution of any step.

12. Make Every User Feel as Precious Consumer

With this point, I only mean that try to keep your apps as small as possible regarding space as most of the time users avoid to install or download those apps which need high consumption of data. The reason behind may be this high data rates and sometimes the internal memory storage of the device itself.

13. Use Experience

Last but not the least, try to provide them amazing experience by providing perfect UI design to the apps. Along with all the points mentioned above if you also keep this factor in your list of making great apps it will work as icing on the cake for your designed and developed app.

Hope these points will help to create great app regardless the platform, category or audience of the app. In case you are looking for a professional app development company you can always contact us.

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