What makes Twitter Bootstrap an incredible tool?

Back in August 2011 when Jacob Thornton (@fat) and Mark Otto (@mdo), now ex-employees of Twitter, came up with Bootstrap, its value was explained to empower front end developers with easier and faster web development. To the end user, the Twitter Bootstrap is incredible because it’s easy and simple. However, this is certainly not the best part of it. There would be so many projects that look great, so what new advantages does Bootstrap bring?
The ultimate significance of Bootstrap lies in the standardization of HTML syntax and targeted the most commonly used elements (forms, tables, etc) and made everyone write the same. Regardless of developing for a fortune 500 company or a startup, Twitter Bootstrap has allowed developers to focus less on construction of data views and more on the interaction components. Further a Bootstrap could be replicated or extended as per the needs making the work of a developer easier and making the user experience “wow” simultaneously. Here we take a look at the several advantages that Twitter Bootstrap has brought forth.
Saving time
This is perhaps the main advantages of Bootstrap. It allows developers to do away with necessary repetitions and rewriting elements. The readymade library of codes and syntax that Bootstrap comes with allows a developer to simply find an appropriate code structure and fit it into the website or application they are working upon. Further, Bootstrap libraries also provide a healthy resource for design and styling of websites and the lesser amount of CSS you need to write, the more time you have for other things.
Choosing the Twitter Bootstrap features that you would want to include into your design is super easy! Further, the “customizer” allows complete control to use the “bits” that seem appropriate and this in an incredible way to streamline the coding process. Now, if this isn’t control enough, Bootstrap even allows developers grabbing the source code for further optimization. The idea here is to rummage through a whole lot of frameworks and you can keep what you need and discard what’s unimportant! The ability to tailor readymade codes makes the job of a developer so easy!
The reasons why @fat and @mdo came up with the idea of Bootstrap were because of the inconsistencies among developers working on same projects. This affected both the design and the experience of the end user. Now that we have a central set of element, the final product is consistent across all platforms and developers. Put in a lay mans term; the same thing will pop up on Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer when the designing have been through Bootstrap.
Integration is made simpler, faster and easier with Twitter bootstrap. If a developer’s job is to iron the small creases that show up on a already ‘live’ site, and suppose its table styling we are talking about, all that’s needs to be done is copying the table style to the source CSS. Bootstrap intelligence will automatically kick in and each table in the end product is made the same. What is more is just linking the files with a hotlink to Twitter.
Bootstrap seems to be an ever evolving tool and updates are added on a much regular basis and consistently when compared to alternatives like Jquery. So to say, Bootstrap developers are always looking for trouble and whenever they come across one, they start fixing it and make sure it is done and dealt with forever.
It’s incredible when the same page layout welcomes you when you shift your browsing from a 17” inch laptop to a 9.7” iPad. Bootstrap can adapt to the changes efficiently and work super responsive!
Future compatibility
Several elements in Bootstrap designing are now considered to be the future of web designing. Updated at every instance and keeping every future prospect in its range, this could as well be the yardstick for developers in the future.
Promatics believes that HTML5 and CSS3 are going to be the future of web development and as it is, Twitter Bootstrap seems to be the best tool to work with. What do you think?

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