What mobile trends do the bosses of top companies are paying attention to?

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When there was no technology, everyone would have dreamt of capturing the whole world in their fist. But with the insurgence of technology and the advancements it has bought to the life of the people, we have actually become capable of holding the world in our hands in the form of mobile phones.


21st century generation simply cannot live without their smartphone and the usage is going to soar high only in the coming years. The addiction to smartphones has become so prevalent in our lifestyle that today we perform almost 70% of our day to day official and personal activities on our smartphone only.


Today our mobile phone carries more power than we can actually think. The use of mobile has become so prominent that even top entrepreneurs are becoming slaves to it. They find so much potential in mobile application and technology they do not even give second thoughts while investing in mobile platform based technology for their business and functioning.


Doing business on mobile phones allows top bosses to stay connected with their work even when they are on the move. The convenience and ease that a mobile phone offers has made reaching the top bosses easier than before and this keeps the entrepreneurs on the constant lookout for technology and mobile trends that will not only bring business ease to their life but can also help in bringing improved experience to their mobile application users.


Here we are going to discuss the top 7 mobile trends that have captured the attention of the top bosses this year:


Live Video Streaming

Video content is doing great in social media and with mobile becoming the newest hub for social interaction, which is not limited to voice only, live video streaming is one mobile trend that is selling like hot cake among the top CEOs. Top media directors of the companies running high on their social fooling have understood the potential of video posts that can generate them almost 1500 percent more share than any of their image or text based posts combined.


As per the statistics, nearly 50 percent of the YouTube content is streamed on mobile, which is closely followed by the live streaming of social channels like Facebook and Instagram. It won’t be wrong to say that in coming years live video traffic is going to increase manifold in the coming years.


Interactive Chat Bots & Messaging

Nobody in this generation likes to spend long hours waiting on the IVR call to get a query sorted, thus even the biggest of companies are working on interactive chat bot systems and messaging apps through which they can help their customers instantly. One prominent reason for this major step is the expectation of the customer to get 24X7 support from their service provider. Companies are becoming open to integrate Whatsapp and Facebook messengers in their systems to solve customer queries even during odd hours.


Nearly 69 percent of the total population uses mobile messaging apps and the number is expected to grow by 300 percent in the coming years, which makes complete sense why the top company bosses see the huge potential in developing chat based systems for their businesses.


Location Based Targeting

Gone are the days when Google Maps were used for identifying roads only, today they are much more capable of. The location based targeting which would have looked like a distant dream few years back from now is the reality of the 21st century. Even the brightest of minds are pondering over this great innovation and are spending heftily from their marketing budgets to develop apps that will help them target their customers using the location data.


Here the GPS on the mobile has a great role to play as the location based filters developed by several social apps work on its principal only. As soon as the customer enters a specific area they start getting notifications related to that area so that they can get familiar with the vicinity without even asking for it.


Digital Payments & Wallets

With the upsurge in mobile payments and digital wallets, it seems that cash currency will soon be extinct or will remain limited to a certain transactions only. Digital payments and wallets have become the real world money for the masses and the discounts they offer on each transaction are luring customers big time for the top brands. Soon your smartphone will all your essentials and will only be used as a digital wallet to make payments with ease.


This again has gauged the attention of bug entrepreneurs and they have started adding wallets to their apps to accept digital payments for their services, thus replacing the need to carry cash every time you are out for shopping or to watch a movie.


App Trends that are catching attention of top companies


Finger Print and Face Scanners

When it comes to sing mobile phone as your primary medium to carry out your day to day transactions, security becomes a prominent concern not only for the user consumer but also for the service provider. But, here as well, the entrepreneur thought a step ahead of the customer and starting building interest in enhanced security solutions so that no one can ever get access to the personal information of their customer in case the mobile is lost or stolen. Face recognition, iris scan and finger print scan are some of the high end security solutions that have come on the radar of the top bosses to provide enhanced and improved security solutions to their customers.


Virtual Reality

A few months back, the world was taken aback by the craze of capturing Pokemon so much so that it become a real pain for some who are not so supportive of excess use of technology. But, the top bosses looked in to the brighter side of the technology and started using the virtual reality to their benefit. Though, the solutions they are working on are not limited to catching a Pokemon in your garden or throwing a ball virtually, their plan is much bigger than that to bring their customers closer to reality which they can only see and cannot feel.


Multi-Store E-Commerce

Are you tired of downloading individual apps for all your favourite shopping websites  or cab hailing services and you think they are eating too much space in your mobile? Well then, the concern has reached the top company bosses pretty soon and they have already started their background work on developing platform where multiple apps can be clubbed together and you can browse different catalogues of different apps using a single platform.


With E-commerce segment shaping in a new form with every passing day, this initiative is surely going to become a market leader if conceptualized and released in an organized and hassle free manner.



No doubt mobile world is booming and with that the world of technology is moulding into something that you and I can only even dream of. With the sharp minds holding the top places in the customer service segment, we can be assured that soon our mobile phone app stores are going to be our go to solution for everything that we need to make our life simpler.


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