What to consider when building a food delivery app?

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We are living in a digital world where things go done in just one touch. Gone are the days were a trip to different restaurants for your choice of food can be found. And what makes people prefer using food app is that, for all kinds of occasions and events people order food so to save time and fuel one can easily order food online via app and take pleasures at their own convenience. Digital products are no longer locked up in our devices.


This digital evolution gives us new products that, in turn, encourage the development of specialized delivery. That’s because everyone wants to get their stuff as soon as possible and digital services open up new opportunities for that.


Are you like looking for building a food app? With an increasing popularity of on-demand services since a few years ago, it seems that the shelves of the market are now stacked with the food and other service-delivering apps. You can start your own on-demand delivery service for a restaurant or convenience store. Users will be able to order directly from the app from a restaurant or store of their choice and this app will use the delivery system to have it delivered at a place of choice.


When it comes to build an app, we kick start with a market research for a good app development company. Once this is done we go with the budget, the major factor for any business. Certain factors those are must to consider for building an app. Like:-


→ First is the level of complexity your software is? Which framework to choose?

→ Second is the budget. Thinking of ROI in mind one needs to invest that way.


So, considering this, choose the best mobile application development company which suits your budget. Let go deeper to understand the total cost and expenses to build the cost of food delivery app. We need to see what others doing, like considering the popular food apps like deliveroo, grubhub, Ubereats and many more, of how they work and what are their targeted areas.


How much money does it really required to build food delivery app and how?


1.) Design and Development:- Resources, application configuration and development all three make the total cost for any business to spend on their employees and engineers. This also includes the cost of different licenses as well as the cost of Hire mobile app developers.

2.) Developer’s expenses:- Developer’s cost may vary from the type of work taken, like hourly, weekly or dedicatedly for a month. These figures keeps on changing as per the aptitude and specialization needs from the engineer.

3.) Cost of meetings and gatherings:- Frequent meetings, gatherings and conferences are done to discuss the strategies of the work and that requires good amount of money to carry out the whole event.

4.) Testing and launching:- Once the application is created, thorough testing is done to fix the bugs and for that different software tools are needed and much more. After that comes a launch of an app, where one time charge is applied for the distribution of an app.

5.) Promotion & Marketing:- Certain cost of marketing are necessary to spent to let people know about your app. Marketing costs includes advertising expense, promotion of app, social media, etc all this is required to be done to reach to your targeted audience.


How much does it costs to build a food delivery app


I would also like to highlight some estimated development cost as per the recent statistics which is quite good to consider are:-


a.) Minimal Features:- A food delivery app with minimal features will carry the basic concepts of food ordering and delivery. With all this and some more things like GPS locator, social media integrations and all this sums up to around $10000-20000 for both iPhone and Android apps.

b.) Fully Fledged Apps:- This is akin to the more evolved and sophisticated 360 degree food delivery platforms. The cost then involves advanced features and capabilities with high end analytics thrown in. The food delivery app requires intelligent logic and features that drives the app. The cost of such application sums up to $20,000-50,000 for both platforms.


Some more things I would want you to please keep in mind while developing food delivery app so that cost and everything can be calculated easily.


Customized website:- Invest in custom built website to get started. If you buy a ready script which is easy to get started then don’t. Focus on creating a unique user friendly and attractive look and feel giving your food app a complete foodie lover look.

Search engine optimized and social media friendly website:- Let search engines like Google, Yahoo read your website and put you on the list of searches. Information architecture and database management system should be such that website is easy to read by search engines. They will act as a free source of constant traffic to your website. Adding social sharing button to your website will give you increased visibility.

Create a database to kick start:- One needs a super fined detailed database of the targeted restaurants in your location like contact numbers, menu, areas for delivery, etc. You will need to create an exhaustive database of restaurants in your target location with contact details, menu, areas of delivery, etc. Having an able sales team will help you partner with local restaurants who agree with your commissions and wish to generate business through your website.

Target a smaller area and customize it as per the local demands:-Always go with smaller pace, don’t just run to grab it all. It is always advisable to start your business with a focus on a limited area. This will help you lot. Understand the local demands and customize it the way easy for people, like unique design, seo optimized platform, database management, payment options, etc.


Concluding it, these kinds of food delivery app makes life easy as people can order ready to eat platters online with just one touch at their doorsteps, which is the most comfortable services to get. So if you want to get such app developed then make a good market research and well planned cost to drive the complete process but it is worth.

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