What we learned by using react native to build mobile apps and why we strongly recommend it?

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Is using React’s native really recommendable? We have seen that from years it is seen that HTML and Javascript has been used separately but React seemed to combine them. React Native is a great option for creating performance oriented iOS and Android apps that feel at home on their respective platforms.


Let me take you deep down to understand more about React Native framework.


What is React Native?

React Native is a Javascript framework for rendering mobile application in iOS and Android. React is a Facebook’s Javascript library for building user interfaces which targets mobile platforms. So now developers can make mobile applications using this Javascript library which can be shared between platforms that makes it easy to develop in both iOS and Android.


Advantages of React Native

a.) Effective for Developers:- While in development cycle when making changes, for web development one can roll out changes by refreshing the browser but in mobile development, you need to deploy the code-cycle each to implement the changes. It is not necessary to re-compile the entire application to be rebuilt every time you make changes.


b.) Cost reduction and Code reuse:- By using React Native, you can use the same code for deployment on iOS as well as on Android. This takes you to huge saving in development time and money. As per the calculations 90% of the code can be reused between Android and iOS which is just too good, saving lot of time plus some extra time for modifications that’s it.


c.) Easy and Live Reloading:- Testing is done every time when some change is made in the code written will reflect live in the mobile screen. With React Native, it removes the need of recompilation of the application each time a change has been made.If you have two windows opened – one containing the code and the other showing a mobile screen as a result of the code – you can immediately see the effect of what you have changed in one screen, on the other screen.


d.) Best for mobile environments using debugging tools:- React native gives you benefit of using intelligent debugging tools which can be utilized of whatever text editor you prefer for Javascript editing. React native does not drive you to work Xcode to develop for iOS or Android. React native is super fast and is very well tuned to mobile devices.





The downside of the React native is that some features of iOS and Android are still not supported and the community is still searching for the best practices.

React Native is still young, and the usual caveats that go along with working with new technologies apply here.



React native is an interesting framework that helps web developers to create robust mobile applications using their existing Javascript libraries. The bonus point over it is that: it is faster mobile development, more efficient code sharing across cross platforms like iOS, Android and the web without sacrificing the end user’s experience or application quality. If your developers can handle the uncertainty that comes with working with a new technology, and wants to develop mobile applications for more than just one platform, you should be looking at React Native.



Based on our experience with React Native, we can say that React native provides benefits of using its community based Javascript library for rendering mobile applications. The framework with a native feel and performance, giving the code reuse and cross platform sharing as it’s huge plus point.


We can surely recommend

Considering such great benefits of React native is an expansion to the constantly growing list of Javascript frameworks. A well made framework to approach for developing UI. One can surely recommend this framework to the developers for the ease of development, better execution and other user experience. With React Native it is up to the developer to structure code such that business logic is pushed down into shared set of modules. For each situation you need to write a thin UI layer that is platform specific.

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