What you should know about Google Android P, Google’s ninth version of OS?

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Android P is the latest version of OS by Google. The first developer preview was made available to download in March 2018. Here is everything you need to know about Android P. There are many great things to check out, as the changes made Android much faster and efficient.

The earlier version Android Nougat has been considered as one of the reliable and user-friendly OSes in the smartphone industry. Google has put the new platform in correct position, continuing its trajectory. Android P is expected to go a long way in solidifying the position of Google on the top list.

Let’s get started to know what Android P can offer and how it is different from earlier versions


What is Android P?

Android P is the latest and most advanced version of the Android operating system. We all know that Google used names of desserts for earlier versions. Whether it is Cupcake (Android 1.5) or Oreo (Android 8.1), Google has used dessert names for different versions. From the names, we can see that they are named alphabetically. Based on this, we can expect the latest version Android 9 with names like – Android Pie, Android Pumpkin Pie, Android Pancake, Android Pastille etc.

Well, the official name of Android P will be confirmed by Google I/O which will be held on 8th May 2018 in Mountain View, CA.


What all features Android P will bring to the table?

There are many rumors about the features of Android P. It is likely to come with some unique and unexpected features.


The notch

The notch has become infamous in Apple iPhone X. It seems as if Android supports the notch, enabling companies to design handsets that include a notch. The phones will now have notches at the top with things symmetrical around the notch.



Taking screenshots was a bit cumbersome in previous versions as both the power and volume down buttons have to be pressed simultaneously. There are rumors that Android P will include a screenshot button in the Power Menu to make it easier for users.



Coming to the display, Android P is likely to have native support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) profile, which means users can access HDR enabled movies from Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Netflix. The key feature of HDR is that it improves the visual experience on any screen by expanding the color gamut. It may also support HEIF format to store images in less space.


Bluetooth keyboard

Android P is expected to work as a Bluetooth keyboard. There are many apps on Google Play with similar functionality. However, having a built-in feature could be thrilling.


Multi-camera API

The multi-camera API feature in Android P allows the apps to access dual front or back cameras. Users will be able to take pictures or videos from both rear and front cameras. The developers can get their apps work well on devices with dual cameras.




Google Assistant

The features in Android P are quite impressive and wide-reaching. Google is planning to open Google Assistant for developers to perform tasks in non-Google apps. Google Assistant is a great addition to the home screen that is expected to perform much better than traditional Google search bar.


Call blocking

It is rumored that the users of Android P will be able to block numbers that are not in the contact list, private numbers, pay phones etc to enhance user security. Android P is expected to get a boost in machine learning, Pad, Mean, Sub, Squeeze, Div and other new operations.



Well, this feature is going to retool a bit in Android P. In the previous version, only text was displayed. The latest version Android will allow images along with text so that users will know who they are chatting with.



The incorporation of Wi-Fi protocols and IEEE 80211 mc will help apps to handle indoor positioning in a better way. This means users can use Wi-Fi signal for location services with Wi-Fi RTT support. It is more precise than GPS signal.



It is expected that Android P version will handle images efficiently. In this regard, Google is working with Alliance for pen Media to create images smaller than HEIC – so that they take less space on a device.



As a part of enhancing security in Android P, malicious apps will be prevented accessing from mic and camera to keep hackers at the bay. Android P will shut down the device if any malicious app attempts to use the device’s camera.

Android P will also require encryption for background notifications, data traffic, passwords etc. The implementation of Global Platform Open Mobile API enables third-party apps to access secured elements and services.  This new feature improves the security of payments that are made via an app.



Android P focuses on improving battery life. It is also rumored that autofill usernames and password feature is enabled in Android P.


Rotation button

Android P is likely to provide a new way to control the rotation. Users are allowed to lock the rotation settings to keep things vertical. One can change things with just a single tap on the button in system bar.

Although some of the above features are present in other phones, the user experience might reach next level if support is added in Android devices.



We see new versions of Android every year with some of the features in common. However, it can be sometimes frustrating to developers as they need to update the apps accordingly. Because of this, many of your favorite apps will take time to get updated with new features.

The first developer Android P supports only Pixel phones. The consumer version of Android P is expected to roll out in May 2018.

What do you think about the features of Android P? Do you have any idea of its new name? Leave your comments below!

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