Why a Mobile App is Must for Your Small Business in 2016

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If you’re a small business owner, new to the business world and your business doesn’t have a mobile application, you need to get one right now. Having a robust online presence and visibility alone is no longer enough, as online activity goes on shifting to mobile. Put simply, smart phone applications have turned out to be an extremely crucial marketing tool for startups, small business owners and every business as well.

Smartphone usage has been disruptive as of late. Approximately 3/4th of Americans see their smartphones at least once every hour, as per a Gallup survey. Around all – 90 % – of that mobile-phone time is now devoted to using apps, analysis reveals. Today, people are spending more time looking, checking and using at their mobile phones than they do watching TV.

Mobile applications are now essential and very part of almost every business, irrespective of their industry and size. A number of small industries also have earned significantly from building mobile apps. Although most of the small businesses possess their own Website, it is certainly more lucrative for them to also build and have a mobile app for their business.

This increase in the usage of the mobile-phone signifies that smartphone apps have turned out to be a vital marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses and niche. Mobile applications boost engagement with prospects and customers. They help in increasing repeat visits, and allow a large variety of online transactions, with the use of push promotions, loyalty cards, and ecommerce transactions. Applications give off coupons and spread new announcements in real-time that encourage your sales with customers. Mobile apps also speed up the interaction and contact your company, which boosts the relationships with consumers in a world where quick responses are appreciated and expected by the buyers. Smartphone icons even assist in building brands by offering a visual design that customers remember.


Why a Mobile App is Must for Your Small Business in 2016


Most small-business owners still believe that having an app is costly and quite difficult. They are concerned about the necessity to develop different apps for the different platforms customers such as – Android, iOS, Blackberry and Window. They are not sure about building static or dynamic apps, and the complexity of coming up with an application design and layout. Moreover, many small-business owners don’t have the knowledge to design and build apps themselves.
There are lots of companies offering quality and reliable mobile app development services at a very reasonable rate. They have the comprehensive expertise and experience of building apps according to the business’s requirements. The mobile apps must be bug-free with user-friendly interface. Several studies have shown that customers are 40 % more probable to abandon the mobile apps on encountering a bug.

Processing data in real time is a one of the great benefits offered by mobile applications. Now, you no longer have to wait for updates on data and information. Apps can immediately collect and process data and you can actually access some data more quickly by using an app. A retail mobile app can improve employee productivity immensely – inventory is updated immediately, getting the latest prices is straightforward, and you can process payments effortlessly.
These features are surely beneficial to the business and at the same time they can also help the company to provide a highly responsive customer service. Mobile applications make it possible to help customers no matter where they are. An insurance agent as an example can file reports for a claim at the scene of the incident and use GPS to get a tow truck in a suit far quicker than before.
Mobile technology affects a wide range of industries, with businesses integrating the most appropriate mobile phone devices with the latest technology in mobile applications. Augmented reality is a tool that is making a significant impact across various industries, and soon enough businesses will change in ways previously unimagined. A mechanic, for example, could take pictures of a vehicle’s motor and then add digital data that explains what’s wrong with the motor and other issues. Likewise, the fashion industry is using this approach with great success, while saving a great deal of time by dressing and applying makeup to clients digitally.


Apps as a Promotional Tool

While a Website is a fundamental tool for you to advance your offered services and products and goes about as a one-stop destination for your clients, the number of mobile consumers is constantly expanding. A large portion of these versatile clients additionally accesses the Internet on their smart phones and other devices. Today, everything including trading, commerce, and payment is managed on mobile. That being the case, mobile applications has proved to be the very future of computing. Building a mobile app and advertising it among your prospects and users is thus very advantageous to grow your business.


In Conclusion

With the mobile industry flourishing like it is at present, it is most suitable for any and almost every business, irrespective of their size and industry to build mobile apps to market their products and services. Mobile is certainly the way all communication is started today and so, accepting this technology is certain to deliver the right and best results for your business. займы на карту займ онлайн где можно взять займ без отказачастный займ тюменьзайм 5000

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