Why AWS is the preferred choice for cloud services world over?

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What is AWS?

Two brilliant Amazon engineers thought of using Amazon’s computing infrastructure as a platform for offering automated web services to their customer base. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest cloud computing platform that resulted from that thought revolution.


It takes pride in providing low-cost, scalable, and highly reliable infrastructure platform in the cloud format. Widespread locations make sure that the AWS system is robust, secure and suffers no impact of outages or other glitches.


Why AWS Became Popular?

Netflix, Slack, The Motley Fool, Unilever, Airbnb and dozens of other large corporations swear by AWS. There are reasons as to why AWS has graduated to become the preferred hosting partner of such giant corporations. Pioneering in the virtual server and cloud storage space, Amazon offers an additional 70 services to cater to all possible needs of a business. AWS products and services come categorized into four genres, namely:


A.) Compute n Storage

B.) Database

C.) Migration

D.) Networking & Content Delivery


Each of the four main categories further contains dozens of other features, each designed to perform specific purposes. Developers enjoy multiple programming interfaces and management tools all designed to boost the web hosting experience. AWS also offers application programming interfaces as well as third-party programs.


Another main reason for massive upsurge is the excellent marketing strategy run by Amazon, where they introduced the AWS Certified program. Certifications automatically translate into higher average salaries. This is what motivated professionals to sell AWS to their employers. The program tapped on IT professionals and converted them into a vast, global sales force for AWS.


MAIN Advantages OF AWS


1. Automated Multi-Region Backups

Automated Multi-Region Backups and EBS snapshots are two of the various backup options available on AWS. The platform is characterized by decentralized nature and global reach. Thus it is easy and affordable to use AWS to store critical information in multiple geographic locations. Businesses often run a risk where their production environments can be taken offline due to some disaster. Using AWS ensures backup data remains unhinged.


2. Streamlined Disaster Recovery

Businesses can land up in massive losses even from a small amount of downtime or data loss. Regardless of the capacity of a company to bear downtime/data loss, AWS comes with vivid tools that implement suitable disaster recovery plans.


3. Simple Automated Scheduling

AWS allows developers the distinct ability to start and stop various instances at predetermined times. Schedule services mean they do not run during off-hours or weekends, depending on the needs of the business.


4. Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Business users can easily automate routine tasks and quickly scale capacity up or down as needed with AWS. Such flexibilities allow Amazon to offer a pay-as-you-go approach to its clients. As developers can stop and start instances as and when required, they pay for only what they use. Additionally, users can adjust storage/server levels up or down to avoid overspending on capacity and infrastructure. The fantastic web host offers clients hourly, monthly and yearly payment options too. The AWS Free Tier is a free service designed to let prospects have a hands-on experience with their cloud services before they purchase it.


Main Advantages of AWS


5. Customization

AWS is famous for bringing along a high level of customization to serve the needs of individual businesses. Right from cost tracking and security to organization and automation, customizable AWS tags can be utilized in numerous ways.


6. Security

AWS offers world-class protection to its privileged clients. Due to the high standards that the company maintains, businesses can omit out the extended burden of securing their facilities. Multiple compliance programs in AWS infrastructure and an extensive security support network work beautifully, offering real-time insight on suspicious activity and potential vulnerabilities. The company employs numerous layers of physical and operational security to ensure the safety and integrity of the client’s data. Regular and timely edits provide infrastructural protection for businesses which choose AWS. Apart from security best practices that are a part of AWS infrastructure, security features deployment documentation is a great help for clients.


7. Third-Party APIs

AWS APIs allow businesses to manage their cloud-based infrastructure in multiple programming languages. Companies can smoothly perform tasks like launching a new instance or taking backups, using APIs. Third-party services can also be synched to utilize all of the time-and-cost-saving features AWS offers to its users.


8. Speed and Agility

Before the popularity of AWS, businesses had to wait for about a week before they could sue a server. With AWS, companies can meet the server needs in the blink of an eye. They can enlist their requirement on the platform and choose what fits them the best. This makes application deployment speedier. Specialized tools from AWS helps reduce the time businesses spend on a task such as Auto Scaling.


9. Excellent Customer Support

AWS attracts users with its superb customer service. Help is available 24/7 for AWS users. Their customer service challenges are filled with experts who help users with hosting problems that business may encounter.


Competition, Market Share & Future Outlook

Businesses enjoy expansion possibilities without committing enormous resources all thanks to AWS. The cloud platform brings along unlimited scalability, improved reliability, seamless service, and lower costs to offer to its clients. Touted as the leading cloud platform, Amazon Web Service (AWS) enjoys a significant market share as of 2019. Estimates indicate that the public cloud services market is projected to $331.2 billion marks by 2022. Within cloud services, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a pioneering segment which is estimated to touch $76.6 billion by 2022. As of 2019, AWS is the largest of the IaaS providers hovering over half of the total IaaS market share.


How AWS stacks against Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud


There is a distinct diversity in the AWS client base that includes corporate giants, start-ups and government agencies. Multiple data centres around the world help AWS is reaching more and more customers. It boasts of 69 Availability Zones within 22 geographic Regions around the world with massive expansion plans for the near future.



Adopting AWS lets a business innovate, experiment and iterate quickly. A secure cloud service, AWS can slash the cost of infrastructure that involves the cost of servers and maintenance. Businesses benefit from scaling up or down based on the demand they are met with. Such elasticity and cost-effectiveness help AWS partner businesses flourish. The cloud platform can also be used to allot resources through API calls, which omits the need for buying hardware, setting it up, and maintaining it. These distinct privileges offered to client businesses; have earned AWS distinct accolade in the world of cloud computing and have made it the preferred hosting provider worldwide.

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