Why Magento is the Best eCommerce Platform Today

For many years osCommerce has been the most dominating application that had been ruling this world of E-Commerce. But with advent of Magento, we witnessed rapid change of interest of users from osCommerce to Magento. There is no doubt that slowly but surely, the golden phase of osCommerce will be overcome by the super-power of Magento. Google has also begun to list Magento on top of the list on various keywords search related to E-Commerce platforms. The reasons behind this super-success of Magento have been many and major is that Magento application offers a huge variety of options to developers who are dedicated in creating highly developed online stores. And, because Magento is an open source working platform, right from its introduction, it got huge support of developers who were part of open source community as a shopping cart development service. Today, Magento has become the best E-Commerce solution today and is pacing far ahead of its competitors. There is variety of reasons why Magento has become number one option for E-Commerce developers and other businesses as well. Let us have a look on how Magento is better than all the other E-Commerce platforms and especially osCommerce.

Generally, businesses choose Magento as it a very friendly application which allows easy and fast setup. The front end and back end Magento sites can be easily added and can be customized.
Magento’s wide range of plug-in’s and robustness make it the most asked for, E-Commerce solution by both small and medium sized companies and businesses. Other than this, the fine line that it draws between application’s functionality and its design also makes it very popular among developers. The users of Magento get an unique experience when they witness latest designs and layouts mixed up with back-end plug-in’s which make billing, tax and shipping a much easier experience than before. Magento allows the user to manage number of E-Commerce sites from one administrative panel. The wide variety of Magento plug-in allows the user to monitor site’s performance. The extra added feature of SEO allows easy editing of site which helps it to stay updated on regular basis and get good Google rankings.

Other benefit that a user gets from these plug-in’s is that they offer a big number of themes and designs and also a better experience to the customers which was absent in many of the previous open source E-Commerce applications. It has been estimated with the growing size of Magento community, the number of plug-in’s with also grow which will make Magento even stronger than what it is right now. The CMS system of Magento which is quick and spontaneous gives it an upper hand on all other E-Commerce solutions. With the help of this CMS system, user can modify and edit the content about his products and services any time. We know that this regular updating is very important to keep interest of the user’s intact.

The standard version of Magento is equipped with all the necessary features which are required to implement and initiate a good E-Commerce store. Basic needs such as shopping cart, catalogue management, search window, check out and administrative functions etc. all are included in general features in Magento.

The flexibility that Magento provides allows the user to modify existing features and add new one’s as well. Now, Drupal has an extension for Magento which helps the users in integrating Magento into websites which are Drupal based. In case, you are converting from some other platform like osCommerce and X-Cart then, there are tools which assist you in importing details of products, customers, order information and all other related details from them.

One feature that really makes working on Magento, an exciting experience is that it is updated regularly in short intervals. Varien is the company responsible for updating the codes of Magento. If we see the earlier E-Commerce applications like osCommerce, they were very outdated applications and because of their strange programming there was little or no scope of further improvement.
As far as user interface of Magento is concerned, it offers far cleaner administration codes and multi-utility user interface. Magento allows the backend items to stay well-organised, which gives the website, an appealing look. With older applications, the interface was messy as codes were not programmed to keep back-end clean and jumble-free.

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