Why Mobile Apps Get Uninstalled?

The wide-ranging usage of Smartphones all over the world has led to the expansion of numerous mobile application development services. In the technology ridden world of 21st century, statistics show that around 1.2 billion people were using different sorts of mobile applications by the beginning of 2013, considering the fact that only over a billion people use mobile phones. Apps are very much popular in Smartphones users but as compared to messaging or using mobile web for other purposes they aren’t that much prevalent. This implies that app developers are focused on making them available with Smartphones only. But that doesn’t stop gadget and app-freak people from installing and deleting them from time to time.


Why Mobile Apps Get Uninstalled?


There are several mobile app development companies present in the internet market, out of which Google Play Store and Apple App Store have the largest market worldwide. It is estimated that there are approximately 800,000 apps present in both these app markets. As per the analysts in the year 2013, the total number of mobile applications downloaded ranged from 56 to 82 billion. It is being further speculated that by the end of 2017 this number would increase to a whooping 200 billion.


But the catch lies somewhere else. The surveys magnify the fact that around 26% of them are tried only once. In simple terms, out of four apps downloaded, one of them are never used. After trying once, they are deleted by the users due to several reasons.


Reasons behind uninstalling apps


Here are some common reasons which compel the users to uninstall them:


Reckless Ads: Be it video ads or full screen ads, they add delay to the users. Ads are an essential part of free android application development but a consciously contracted, non-intrusive and informative advertisement will not add to the frown. Checking the Click Through Rates (CTR), layout, format, size, the proper on-screen position of the ad makes it less vulnerable to deletion.


Privacy Matters: The excess information asked by apps, unnecessary snooping by the development company irritates the users. Asking out for too much personal data gets on the nerves resulting in its deletion within minutes of installing them.


Excessive Notifications: Too much of anything is bad for the health! It has been surveyed that 71% of Smartphone users have deleted any app because of this reason. People get annoyed with pop up of notifications every three times they click any check-box.


Compulsory Social log-ins: Operators uninstall many of them due to the forced log-ins they have to face for bypassing authentication. Many a times the iOS app development services compel users to share something to make the application free.


Poor User Interface (UI): The bad user experience or poor designing of the user interface has led many deletions over the past few years. Unreadable icons, crappy types, complex functionality lead to uninstalling them.


Complex Registration Process: Cumbersome registration procedures have led around 68% of people to uninstall an app. It creates hurdles and a negative image in the mind of the users.


Freezing or Delayed Loading: Error-prone apps, crashing at every instance, freeing now and then becomes repulsive for the Smartphone users. It tests their limits and nobody wants to waste time on that.


The mobile app developers must keep in mind all the above factors in order to make their applications a successful one!

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