Why Node.js is the Best Option to Develop a Chat-based Mobile Application?

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Node.js is built on the Chrome JavaScript runtime and allows the developers to create fast and highly scalable network application easily. For the implementation of a dynamic language, this application is extremely fast and runs on the top of Google’s V8 JIT-compiled JavaScript engine.
This hottest development platform has become hugely popular among the coders to develop APIs and a new matrix of interoperability throughout the Internet. And thus, become popular as the best option to develop a chat-based mobile application. Lets see step by step how it became the best option for this.


Why Node.js is the Best Option to Develop a Chat-based Mobile Application?


Basic requirements which are needed for chat based mobile application-

For developing the chat based application, the developer focuses on creating an app which offers high-performance, provides dynamic & real-time experiences and also manage massive traffic along with the user base. Node.js possesses all these requirements and thus works best for the chat based mobile application.


The support which is required for the development of overall chat-based app and how Node.js give that support-

The chat-based app development requires faster, easier and more efficient development and production of the app. The Node.js and .npm both are open source. There are lots of .npm packages are available for node.js, which can be used to make the development and production faster, easier and efficient. Google often updates its version as, because Node.js is their main product. Google comprises a huge community of node.js, thus, the developers are able to ask their queries to other developers and get it solved. Node.js also support’s angular.js and this is especially in the front-end. Angular.js is also a JavaScript and has a vast community. Thus, Node.js provides all the support to develop the chat-based mobile application.


The importance of high concurrency in the development of chat-based application and Node.js performance in it-

In the development of chat-based application high concurrency matters a lot. Servers need to go to the asynchronous non-blocking where thousands of connections are available with the high level of concurrency. Developers can complete the coding with IO but they required a thread when any of the parts of the server code gets blocked. Node.js developers are not able to create any threads for each and every connection at such a high level of concurrency. For this the whole code path needs to be nonblocking and async, not just the IO layer. Here, Node.js developers have an edge.

With the non-blocking ecosystem of Node.js, there is no server available. But, Node.js or Java may win a scale. Remarkably, in async style, there are more than 50k modules are written which are almost ready to use. On the web lots of the code examples are found. Everything needs the non-blocking async right from the cluster managers, test frameworks, and debuggers, to monitors, loggers, cluster etc. The developers can find the async style tutorials and lessons on the web. Node.js is the best option for the projects which required big concurrency.


For the speedy, scalable and real-time network application of chat-based mobile app, the Node.js is the development solution-

For the development of the chat-based mobile application, it requires speedy, scalable and real-time network application. Node.js is used for highly scalable application and is popular server-side JavaScript runtime environment. It has the lightweight runtime which aids in faster development and deployment of network and applications. Node.js has the provision of code reuse, which is one of the major advantages of Node.js. This is faster than PHP and can be used for startup, medium, and even the largest enterprises. Node.js is the right option for the custom, scalable network applications. Data intensive node.js is a better one for the application development, deployment, and operations. Thu, Node.js provides the best development solution for the chat-based mobile application development.


Reasons behind the popularity of Node.js as the preferred platform for chat-based application-

Node.js is the JavaScript engine which is designed to develop the scalable network application, thus, it has speed, scalability, and productivity. Along with this Node.js also consists other features such as:

  • It has Non-blocking I/O API
  • It runs on the Single thread
  • Node.js handles multiple requests
  • It handles co-current process
  • The request runs on a synchronizing

All the above features which Node.js offers aid in the development of the best chat-based application. That is why Node.js is popular amongst the preferred platform for the chat-based mobile application.


How the Node.js is beneficial to develop the chat-based mobile application:

The benefits which the chat based mobile application requires are

  • The creation of scalable and robust mobile applications
  • Speedier development procedure
  • Easy to install
  • Faster performance
  • Less time includes in development.

Node.js provides all the above benefits which are essential for the development of the chat-based mobile application.Node.js aids to create scalable and robust web and mobile applications. It has advanced development procedure which aids in speedier development. It permits us to get the best products which are sufficient for the mobile generation. Node.js has the big benefit that it is the low-level API and is rich in web applications.

The other benefits of selecting the Node.js are:

  • It is easy to install
  • It has reusable code at every level
  • Node.js has scalable due to asynchronous and event-driven processing
  • It has a low-level API
  • The performance of Node.js is faster as compared to PHP
  • It possesses a rich community of developers
  • It takes less time for the development
  • With Node.js, it is easy to develop real-time systems
  • It gives good performance for HTTP and TCP protocols

From all the above points it gets clear that the Node.js provides all the necessary requirements which are essential for the development of the chat-based mobile application and thus, it has become one of the best and preferable option for the development of the chat-based mobile application.

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