Why you need a mobile app promo video to get your app noticed?

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So, you have created your mobile app with awesome features and have connected it to a back end. Now, you have to spread the word about your new mobile app to targeted users.


App preview video is the best way to tell the story of your app and inspire app store visitors to download your app. Promo video is a combination of several elements that tell a compelling story. You probably have multiple ideas on how you are going to use app promo video. However, you should make sure that you are using it in the right way to grab the attention of thousands of visitors.


You think that a mere app promo video cannot make much of a difference? Well, lets find it out:


Why you need app promo video?

In a survey, it was found that more than 50% of users download app through app store search. In such scenario, promoting the app within the app store makes a lot of sense.


App promo video is the latest trend that is making rounds in all the leading app stores. A promotion video can do a lot for your app. It can grab the attention of thousands of audience and at the same time, it can give a better insight of your app.


In short, a promo video can create a long lasting excitement in audience, in just a few seconds. Let’s see how efficient app promo videos are for promoting your app.


  • Promo videos give brief description of your app

When you want people to know about your app, a promo video will do it in just a few seconds. Potential users love to go through the videos, rather than reading pages of text. It is hard to describe the experience of your app with just a few screenshots.


A short clip can help you to bring your appin front of large group. You can simply upload the video on the app landing page, so that it is viewed by large group of audience. You should be able to convince the audience to download your app.


  • Users will earn how to use the app

Promo videos help users to understand the app. It is mandatory for complex apps, as it help users to use the app without much effort. Creating a short tutorial will explain them how to use it and follow the right path. Promo videos will make the app understandable and users will get a better option to handle it. This way, users who are not much aware of the app can also download and use it.


There are a number of statistics that show how effective videos are. You can bring the entire app in front of the users without much effort. Videos are a great medium to reach special category of users.


Why app promo video is an important aspect of your app launch strategy


  • It can be shared easily on different platforms

When you create engaging promo videos of your app, nothing can stop users from sharing it with others. If the promo video is the recommendation of friends or colleagues, users will watch it without knowing that it is app promo video.  This way the video will become viral and will reach wider audience.


Engaging promo videos are used on YouTube and other social platforms, which grabs the attention of millions of people on YouTube and social media channels. When it comes to sharing the content on the internet, there are countless of options.


  • Creates brand identity

App promo videos help in creating brand identity, if you insert the logo or icon of your app. You can spread a word about your business with high quality product. Your customers will come back to your company, whenever they need your services. You can even create a presentation video that will build a story around your app.


It is not just enough to build a great app, but to bring it in front of users. Some of the examples of app promo videos that attracted millions of users on app store are –Momentum Valley, Mint, Cloo, LinkedIn and Gone Washing.


All these app promo videos become very popular in a short period. From this, we can say that – you can make your app reach millions of users across the internet by creating the best app promo video, regardless of the app category.


  • Improve search ranking and conversions

As said above, app promo video helps your app to reach millions of audience. Your app needs to be discovered and accepted by users. A recent study reveals that more than 75% of app marketers see the benefits of video marketing. Promoting the app with the help of search engine friendly tactics can do wonders.


The best thing about app promo videos is that they are the best bet for small, medium and large businesses. They can act as the best marketing tool and generate unique identity that helps you to expand user base and increase revenue.


Tips to create app promo videos

So, you have understood the benefits of app promo video. Now, it’s time to create the ultimate app promo video and reap its benefits. You should choose the right video format, length and other guidelines to create an ultimate promo video. Here are some tips to create the best promo video for your app.


a.) Choose the video format properly, as Google Play requires you to upload video using YouTube link, where as Apple Store requires you to upload the video directly from your PC.

b.) Google allows promo video of length 30 sec to 2 min, while Apple allows videos with maximum length of 30 sec. Remember that the longer a video is — more is the viewer drop off.

c.) Don’t overwhelm the viewers with animations, graphics and intricate story lines. Rather, keep the promo video simple, short and informative.


Tips to create app promo video


d.) Show the app benefits or a problem that your app is solving. You can even show the actual app in use, so that the user can get a sense of real app.

e.) Include a call to action in the video along with backlinks of your website in the video. Measure the results on a regular basis to make a note of how many hits the video received.



App promo videos are the best ways to tell users about your app. Your app will get a lot of publicity long before its release. Take complete advantage of promo videos and generate huge profits. Be it like a demo trailer or explainer video, it is going to attract millions of users.


No doubt, app promo video can deliver massive opportunities for brands and generate leads. What is your opinion on app promo videos? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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