Why you should not use DIY app makers to make you app?

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Mobile app market is constantly on rise, as a result of which every small and large business want to avail the benefits of mobile apps. There are plenty of ways to create your own app, no matter what business you are into. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are in dilemma of hiring mobile app development agency or choosing DIY app marker. However, it is always better to keep traditional approach for mobile app development, instead of using DIY app makers.


Why you should prefer strategic approach over DIY app makers? Well there are many cases for it. Lets explore this further.


Before we go into detail, let’s know about some popular app makers to create your own app.


Top DIY app makers to create own mobile app

Early adopters in mobile app development use DIY app makers to reach their customer base and improve customer service. Many small business owners choose DIY app creators that require minimal coding. Entering into mobile app development market is much easier with these tools. You can create and manage your mobile app using one of the app makers listed below.


1. AppyPie

AppyPie is one of the most popular app makers, especially designed for iPhone and Android app development. All you need to do is drag and drop hybrid apps for different OS like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. You need not to download it. Instead, use a web interface to build an app.


2. Appsbar

This is a free tool that allows you to create and publish hundreds of apps without any restriction. The best thing about this tool is that the app is saved in user account while in progress. There is no need to finish the entire app in one single shot.


3. AppInstitute

The AppBuilder platform from AppInstitute provides a simple way to create, publish and manage smartphone apps in minutes without any technical skills. This app maker provides an easy to use interface with multiple design templates and add-ons. If you want to publish apps on app store, you need a paid version of this tool.


There are many other app makers that offer the possibility of building an app at cost-effective rates. Most of these uses drag and drop technique to make the creation process fun and interactive. However, most of these app makers have drawbacks, as you will not be able to add exclusive features to your app. You will have to choose from the services they offer.


Even the most popular apps have some drawbacks, which I am going to list below. In case, you need custom solution and are more concerned about branding – you should hire a mobile app development company.


Reasons not to use DIY app makers

Mobile apps are created for many reasons. The primary reason to choose DIY app makers is to create an app in a cost effective way. It sounds easy and takes less time to develop a fully functional app. However, there are some problems with these pre-built tools — and hence one should avoid using them. Some of the reasons why you should not use DIY app makers are –


Subscription cost

Though the app makers allow you to create and manage app easily, you need to pay annual fee to publish your app. If you calculate this expenditure, you will realize that it will cost you thousands of dollars – which will continue as long as your app is live. Hiring a mobile app development agency for the same work may cost you less, as it is a one-time fee and feasible choice.


Cross functionality issues

Using DIY approach may not be suitable for devices with different OS. You may have to neglect a number of devices on which the app is compatible. You won’t be able to cater the needs of large audience by creating an app using DIY app maker.


Security issues

When it comes to develop mobile app, security is one of the primary concerns. If the information of your users is at stake, it means there is no benefit in creating such app. App makers have a lot of security issues and you are always in dark about the transactions and confidential information of the users. If you are worries about data issues, you should hire a professional mobile app development company.



The biggest drawback of DIY app makers is the long-term maintenance issue. App stores are updating constantly, as a result of which their guidelines and rules are changing. Your app may have to deal with these changing rules and guidelines. You may also need to update the content of your app, based on your business requirements. You can overcome this issue by choosing professional app Development Company that offer appealing templates and features, and also manages your app.


Reasons not to use DIY app makers


Common designs

App makers are used by hundreds of professionals, small and medium businesses. As the pre-set theme is used by hundreds of professionals – there won’t be any differentiating factor. If you want your app to stand out ahead of others in the app store, it should be unique. Creating a unique UI may not be possible with DIY app makers – as it takes a lot more than drag and drop.


From the above, we can say that creating an app using DIY app maker is beneficial – if the app is just for business purpose or hobby. However, if you want a fully functional app —you should take professional help.



DIY app makers are worthwhile and are beneficial for those who lack technical skills. If you want to create an app for small business purpose, you can use DIY app makers. These platforms can be used to build through low code or no code approach, minimizing the resources needed.


However, if you want your app to be truly worthwhile –you should consider hiring a professional app development agency. Investing in building custom apps will reap huge Returns on Investment (ROI) in long run. Custom app development will reduce the risk of security measures and long term maintenance. Before you think of building a mobile app using DIY App Maker, you should know about target audience for the app, features, limitations and benefits of the app.


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