Will Apple iWatch Revolutionize Wearable Device Market?

The latest progress in the iOS development platform is the introduction of the iWatch. The tech world is full of apprehensions and excitement over the release of this new generation smart watch. This miniature version of smart phones has revolutionized the digital world. The consumer electronics market especially the field of smart phones and smart watches are emerging at a fast pace. These new generation watches are expected to share more information and data with the smart phones.


Will Apple iWatch Revolutionize Wearable Device Market?


Current state of smart watches


Many companies have launched their series of smart watches before Apple did. Sony came up with their Smart Watch 2.It is receiving a good level of competition from Meta Watch Strata and Pebble. These two companies have smart watches which run both on Apple’s iOS and Android OS. Even Samsung is a strong contender in this market, where it has already launched 5 smart watches. Their latest device will be the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Gear S that is going to give a tough competition to the iOS developers. Motorola with their Moto 360 smart watch is present in this digital competition. Popularity of Samsung and Sony smart watches are at its best presently and Apple smart watch developers have to come up with an efficient Apple Watch in order to hold its market.


Features of iWatch


The specifications and details of the new gadget from Apple are as follows:


  • The device will be available in 3 editions: Apple Watch Edition, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch. Two sizes: 38mm and 42mm are available for women and men respectively. The users will be provided with 6 different types of straps having different color options and 6 metallic finish.
  • The materials of the finish are Silver Aluminium, Stainless Steel, 18-Karat Rose Gold, 18-Karat Gold, Space Gray Aluminium and Space Gray Stainless Steel.
  • It has got specially designed Digital Crown on one side of the watch. It is a kind of dial which spins in and out of the iWatch Apps. This will help in navigating through the various menus in an effectual manner.
  • It is equipped with the technology of “force sensitivity” that will help the users to perform different tasks with varying level of stress on the screen.
  • The smart watch is square faced having round edges. There is only one button input and the construction is smooth with no interruptions. The data transfer and charging of this device is completely wireless.
  • The back panel is furnished with sensors which can be used by the heath apps. Magnets are attached that will help in connecting the watch correctly to the Meg safe Wireless Charger.
  • All the models are water resistant and the display is made with Sapphire Glass.


Taking over the market


Rumors have it that the Apple Watch will provide wireless payments. The stylish design is definitely going to attract the eyeballs of gizmo’s lovers. One shortcoming of this device is that it can only be used with the iPhone whereas Samsung Gear S and other smart watches have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. But the scope of using a varied kind of technologies via developing different apps on the iOS platform will provide an edge to the gadget.


This release is going to change the dynamics of the digital world. One factor of popularity of the iWatch can be the range of functionality which Apple is offering in connection with the iPhone Apps and the loyalty of their consumers towards their favored brand.

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