WordPress 4.4: What’s New?

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This time for WordPress users, Christmas has arrived early with the latest release of WordPress 4.4, known as “Clifford”, honoring “Clifford Brown, the famous jazz trumpeter. On first look, there isn’t much in the method for nifty content management tools, yet this release is maybe the most awaiting release in a long-time as it’s about the fate of WordPress. Let’s have a look what’s new in the most recent contribution from the world’s debut CMS or Content Management System – WordPress.



WordPress 4.4: What’s New?



Rest API
The latest release of WordPress is more based on the concept of “under the hood” advancement, and not anything else is more imperative than the mix of a REST API foundation into the WordPress core. Basically, an API (an acronym for Application Programming Interface) encourages interaction between distinctive databases, web application, and gadgets with the goal that data can be sent and received effortlessly.
REST (Representational State Transfer) is an extremely prevalent strategy for communicating that data, particularly by any semblance of huge data organizations, for example, Facebook and Google. While it may appear as though this is only one for the tech savvy consumers, this consideration can possibly change WordPress for everyone. One of the best qualities of WordPress is its abundance of plugins that effectively permit components to be added to sites without expected to dive too far into the backend. What this latest update does is it makes the need of creating RESTful API’s on top of WordPress much easily, and thus opening up the probability a whole new set of plug-ins with fine new traits.
This is quite exciting because of the fact that it is really a forward-looking trait. Today also there are those who don’t prefer WordPress (and 20 percent of the web it powers) as only a toy, not suitable for big business use. Yet, by including features such as REST API integration it can again show that WordPress is an amazing tool with abilities for sites big as well as small.
This new release is really turning out in two different sections, with the first part incorporated into 4.4, so this is one inevitable update that will be enthusiastically awaited.

Embedded posts
An important and significant part of a Content Management System or CMS is undoubtedly the content sharing, and it has been seen that this is an area that WordPress has constantly gotten right without fail. “Clifford” is no exception; it’s a new update with embedded posts. Now, for adding any type of external posts into your site, you can now simply click on the ‘share’ tab, copy and paste the URL into your page.

Responsive images
2015 was another enormous year for mobile, and the upcoming 2016 is expected to be the same with more client skimming the web utilizing smartphone and tablets, so owning a responsive website and content is key to future-proofing any webpage. Presently all pictures in WordPress will be quick to respond naturally, including any existing pictures, and without the need to roll out any theme modifications, which can frequently get chaotic and convoluted for the individuals who commonly evade the coding site of WordPress.

The New Twenty Sixteen theme
One more year, one more standard WordPress theme. Nothing excessively reviving here, the Twenty Sixteen theme is absolutely free with WordPress, and has an exemplary “blog” layout (it is popular WordPress after all!!). Basically, it’s a split up in two columns, with content in the implementation the left two-thirds and a right side bar for things such as exploring latest posts. All the ordinary customization is incorporated, and a major reward is that it’s responsive, so certainly it makes your site mobile-friendly for users without any additional work.

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