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Sournois, a renowned bespoke accessories brand, successfully embarked on a digital transformation journey to bring its exquisite craftsmanship and personalized service to the online realm through the engineering prowess of the Promatics’ team. With a diverse product line encompassing custom ties, scarves, belts, suspenders, and more, Sournois sought to create a sophisticated website that not only showcased its offerings but also allowed customers to tailor their accessories to their exact preferences. This case study delves deeper into the meticulous development process of the Sournois website, highlighting the technologies employed and the strategic decisions made to deliver a seamless and immersive online platform.

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SOURNOIS - Manfred Schleicher
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The Challenge

Developing the Sournois website presented Promatics with several challenges that required careful consideration and strategic planning. Balancing aesthetics with functionality was crucial in user experience design (UX/UI), particularly when integrating a product configurator canvas customization tool. This involved ensuring smooth navigation between product showcases and the customization feature, as well as designing a seamless user flow for selecting designs, colors, and sizes. Additionally, optimizing performance was essential to manage large image and multimedia content without compromising website speed, and optimizing the configurator tool for various devices required efficient caching mechanisms to reduce load times. The configurator tool development introduced its own hurdles, such as creating a feature-rich canvas tool for design personalization and integrating user-friendly interfaces for uploading custom images. Incorporating real-time preview functionalities for visualizing customized products added another layer of complexity. Lastly, achieving cross-platform compatibility was imperative for delivering a consistent user experience across different devices and browsers, necessitating thorough testing of the configurator tool across various platforms. Overcoming these challenges was essential for Promatics to successfully develop the Sournois website.


Prominent Features

The Sournois Configurator boasts a user-friendly interface designed for effortless navigation and customization. With intuitive controls and clear prompts, users of all technical backgrounds can easily personalize their chosen products. The interface prioritizes simplicity without compromising on functionality, ensuring that customers can seamlessly navigate through the customization process and create their desired designs with ease.


Multi Language Support:

Sournois is offered in both German and English languages, with separate databases catering to regional German customers and global users accessing the English version. By providing content in users' preferred languages, Sournois enhances user experience, improves accessibility, and increases its visibility in global markets. This dual-language approach ensures that customers feel understood and valued, fostering greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Gender-Specific Configurators:

The Sournois website features separate configurators for men's and women's products, offering customization options for a range of items tailored to each gender's preferences. This approach ensures that the unique styles and needs of both men and women are catered to, enhancing the personalization experience and allowing customers to create designs that truly reflect their individual tastes.


Extensive Color Customization:

The Sournois Configurator features a comprehensive color picker that supports CMYK, HSL, RGB, and Hex codes, enabling users to choose and adjust product colors with precision. This tool allows for an extensive range of color possibilities, ensuring that customers can perfectly match their desired shades. The precision offered by these options empowers users to create truly unique and personalized products, enhancing their overall customization experience.


Pattern Selector:

The Sournois Configurator integrates a pattern selector feature, allowing users to select patterns to further customize their products. This tool offers a diverse array of patterns, from classic to contemporary, giving customers the freedom to enhance their designs with additional visual elements. By combining patterns with color customization, users can achieve a high level of personalization, ensuring their products stand out.


Auto Color Variations:

The Sournois Configurator includes an auto color variations feature, which automatically generates color variations based on user-selected colors and patterns, providing additional customization options. This tool helps users visualize different color combinations effortlessly, making the customization process more dynamic and creative. By offering these variations, Sournois ensures that customers have ample choices to find the perfect design that suits their style.


Custom Logo Uploading:

The Sournois Configurator offers the capability for users to upload custom logos or designs to personalize their products. This feature allows customers to incorporate personal or brand-specific graphics into their designs, enhancing the uniqueness of their items. By supporting custom logo uploads, Sournois caters to both individual customers and businesses looking to create branded merchandise.


Design Saving:

The Sournois Configurator provides users with the ability to save customized designs of specific products within their accounts for future reference or purchase. This feature ensures that customers can easily revisit and refine their creations at any time, enhancing the convenience and flexibility of the customization process. Saved designs can also be shared with others for feedback, fostering a collaborative shopping experience.


Bulk Order Inquiry:

The Sournois Configurator includes an option for users to send inquiries about bulk ordering costs for custom products with different cloth materials. This feature is particularly useful for businesses or events requiring large quantities of personalized items. By facilitating bulk order inquiries, Sournois supports both individual and commercial needs, streamlining the process for obtaining detailed pricing and availability information.


Inquiry History:

The Sournois Configurator not only facilitates bulk order inquiries but also ensures transparency and convenience by storing inquiry history and responses received from the admin panel. This feature enables users to track communication regarding bulk orders and other inquiries, providing a seamless and organized experience throughout the purchasing process.






Long Scarve


Sournois website is a comprehensive online platform where all the company’s offered clothing items are displayed, enabling customers to browse through the complete range of collections easily. With the integrated product configurator, customers can now personalize any product's design, pattern, and colors according to their preferences. Also, the availability of the website content in German and English languages provides a tailored experience for local customers while expanding the brand's reach internationally. Moreover, the website facilitates the process of obtaining price quotations for customized products. Customers can specify their desired customization options, such as design patterns and colors, and also select from a range of different cloth materials. This enables them to receive accurate pricing information tailored to their specific customization choices. Overall, the Sournois website provides customers with a seamless and interactive shopping experience, empowering them to explore, customize, and obtain price quotations for personalized products with ease and convenience.

Increased Accessibility

The website has made personalized and customizable products more accessible to consumers. By providing an online platform where customers can easily browse through product offerings and customize designs, the website caters to a wider audience.

Empowerment of Personal Expression

The ability for customers to customize products according to their preferences fosters a sense of individuality and personal expression. This resonates with a societal trend towards valuing uniqueness and personalization in consumer goods.

Convenience and Efficiency

The online platform offers convenience and efficiency in the shopping process. Customers can browse, customize, and obtain price quotations from the comfort of their own homes, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Expertise

Successfully developing and launching the Sournois website demonstrates the Promatics’ capabilities as a software development firm, in creating complex, feature-rich web applications. This enhances the firm’s reputation as skilled professionals in the field of web development and customization.

Client Satisfaction and Retention

Delivering a functional and user-friendly website that meets the client's requirements boosts client satisfaction. Satisfied clients are more likely to return for future projects and recommend Promatics to others, leading to increased client retention and referrals.

Portfolio Enrichment

The Sournois website serves as a valuable addition to the Promatics’ portfolio. It showcases their expertise in developing sophisticated web applications with customization features, which can attract potential clients seeking similar services.

Learning and Skill Development

Developing the Sournois website involved overcoming various technical challenges and implementing advanced features such as product customization tools and price quotation systems. This project provided valuable learning opportunities for the developers, allowing them to expand their skill set and expertise in areas such as user experience design, e-commerce functionality, and security measures.

Differentiation and Competitive Advantage

Successfully executing a project of this complexity sets Promatics and its developers apart from competitors. It demonstrates their ability to tackle intricate web development challenges and deliver innovative solutions, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Key Achievements
Advanced Product Customization Tool

Developing a sophisticated product customization tool integrated with canvas technology demonstrates technical expertise and innovation. This tool allows users to personalize products with precision, enhancing the overall user experience and setting the website apart from competitors.

Tablet-Friendly Configurator

Ensuring compatibility with tablets enhances accessibility for users across different devices, expanding the website's reach and usability. This achievement reflects a commitment to providing a seamless experience for users regardless of the device they use.

Robust Inquiry Handling Process

Implementing a robust inquiry handling process streamlines communication between users and administrators. This ensures prompt and efficient responses to inquiries, fostering positive interactions with customers and improving overall satisfaction.

Admin-Manageable Dynamic Content:

Creating a dynamic content management system empowers administrators to update website content easily and efficiently. This flexibility allows for timely updates to product listings, promotions, and other information, keeping the website relevant and engaging for users.

Device-Responsive Website

Creating a device-responsive website ensures consistent and optimal user experiences across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Responsive design enhances accessibility and usability, accommodating users' preferences for browsing and interacting with the website on their preferred devices.

Client Satisfaction

Delivering a functional and visually appealing website that meets the client's requirements contributes to high levels of client satisfaction. Meeting project deadlines and exceeding expectations fosters positive relationships with clients, leading to potential repeat business and referrals.

Data Protection and Regulations

Sournois prioritizes data protection and compliance with regional regulations, such as those in Germany and the EU, ensuring the safeguarding of users' personal data and fostering trust. By storing data locally for German customers, Sournois demonstrates its commitment to privacy laws, mitigates legal risks, and enhances credibility. Adherence to regulations fosters transparency, accountability, and long-term customer loyalty, strengthening Sournois's competitive position and supporting sustainable growth.


Software &
Technologies Used

Languages we have used to create app user friendly across multiple devices without compromising the speed.


Framework opted for the frontend website and web admin panel.


internationalization-framework written in and for JavaScript.


Flexible and scalable document-oriented database.

Node Js

Server-side JavaScript runtime for efficient backend development.

Remove bg

API for quickly and automatically removing backgrounds from custom user-uploaded logos images.

Canvas API

Used to construct the product configurator over the Angular framework.



Working with Promatics on my website's custom product configuration tool was a great experience. Their team designed the clothing accessories' configurator tool that has helped in immensely improving user engagement. Promatics showed good technical skills and dedication, delivering a product that met my expectations. I recommend Promatics for their professionalism and innovative approach.

Manfred Schleicher
Co-FounderDirector & CEO at Sournois

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