Validation and Testing

Validation in simple terms means confirmation.

In context of software, it means evaluating the final software product to check whether it complies with the business requirements from the end users perspective. Our goal of Validation is to answer the fundamental question “Are we building the right product?”. Test execution is the validation activity by which a product is tested. It includes various types such as User Acceptance Testing (UAT), smoke testing, regression testing, functional testing, systems testing, feature testing, integration testing, load testing, compatibility testing, stress testing, etc.

Software Validation & Testing

Why testing?

  • To cross check if the final product meets business requirements
  • Early detection and correction of errors
  • Early identification of product related risks
  • To enhance compliance with schedule and budget requirements
  • To guarantee the Customer a high Quality product delivery
  • Low maintenance Cost and more accurate Product

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Mr. Will Bolton

Mr. Will Bolton

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Testing Approach

Testing is mandatory in order to identify and rectify the defects and errors in a product which might have been made during the development phases.


Our Testing Approach:

We are a certified company with the ISO 9000:2008 certification for Quality management systems – Requirements, and have a number of years of experience in software testing and QA. Over the years we have developed mature quality processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to the customer along with the necessary compliance requirements.


Testing Tools:

We have rich industry experience in various testing tools such as WinRunner, LoadRunner, NeoLoad, Quality Center, JUnit, NUnit, WebUnit, JMeter, Selenium, QTP, SilkTest, Testlink, WebLOAD, Qmetry, Test Professional, and Bugzilla Nessus vulnerability scanner and the Metasploit.

Our Methodology

We have vast experience majorly in two testing methodologies, namely Agile Testing and V Model Testing.

  • Agile Testing
  • V Model Testing


Agile Testing

Our flexible delivery models are designed to adapt to the changing requirements of agile development and testing cycles which help introduce early automation in the agile environment and improve test coverage in every sprint. Our expertise covers both functional and non-functional acceptance criteria with tests built into a continuous integration environment. We ensure high standards of product quality by introducing automation early into the development cycle meeting the goals of all quadrants of Agile Testing.


Agile Software Testing

V Model Testing

The V-Model points out the relationships between each phase of the development life cycle and its corresponding phases of testing. Unit Test Plans are executed to eliminate bugs at code level or unit level/entry level of a module to test if the singular module can function correctly when isolated. System Tests ensures that requirements of application developed are met. The entire application is tested for its functionality, interdependency and communication.UAT verifies that the delivered system meets user's requirement and system is ready for use.

Testing Types:

Software Testing Process

We perform all types of testing ranging from User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to smoke testing, regression testing, functional testing, systems testing, feature testing, integration testing, load testing, compatibility testing, stress testing, etc.


Why Promatics?

Promatics offers the finest Validation and Independent Software Product Testing services that span across verticals and industries. We perform testing for bespoke products as well as enterprise applications. Our integrated toolsets and risk based assessment optimize testing cycles and improve time to market for software products.

We have a large team of testing specialists who are certified testers. The tool set used for testing ranges from commercial tools to open source tools. Over the years, we have built tremendous expertise in functional testing and non-functional testing covering end to end functional testing, test automation, performance testing, load testing, security testing etc.

Our Key Testing Differentiators:

  • Certified ISTQB, CSQT testing workforce with additional certification in tools like HP QTP, LoadRunner, NeoLoad, etc.
  • Exposure and maturity over a wide range of Test Tools, Testing Methodologies, Framework Implementation
  • In depth understanding of business, processes and test engineering
  • Streamlined quality processes for improved efficiency and reduction in Time to Market
  • Strict compliance to quality standards
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