10 Great Fintech App Ideas to consider in 2022

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Fintech, as the word suggests, is an amalgamation of technology and finance. To understand Fintech, you must understand the rampant world of advanced technology. Fintech is a modern solution in the form of an application of progressive technology which delivers financial services to individuals and businesses globally. It is Fintech that has made things more accessible and on-the-go available, tremendously helping some significant enterprises in the world at present. One of the uses of Fintech is the trade of cryptocurrency. The app provides various solutions not limited to cryptocurrencies, such as verifying electronic expenses, insurance, mobile banking, and investing applications. The purpose behind the idea of Fintech was to ease the back-end finance systems of renowned organizations worldwide.


Fintech ideas are fundamental as the solutions this modern application provides improve and uplift various businesses’ speed, profitability, and security. Moreover, since its invention, Fintech has helped launch numerous business possibilities by catering to the needs of employees, employers, and consumers. Fintech has also had a significant influence on web application development corporations. Additionally, it provides cost-efficient services and products to customers who do not have bank facilities. Some of these services include low transactional costs digitally. The best feature of Fintech is its availability and access convenience. The app can be used anywhere by anyone. No previous finance background or knowledge is required to use Fintech. This feature of Fintech helps boost the economy by creating successful employment options in the finance industry.


In today’s rampant world, Fintech grew into a humongous financial application, automating and enhancing the use and supply of economic amenities.


If you are a rising founder, entrepreneur, manager, or an ordinary person finding imaginative possibilities for your startup, innovative fintech ideas for the year 2022 are what you need to explore. This article mentions ten varied opportunities; you can seek long-term financial benefits just through a digital click. So sit back and start making notes as you read.

1. Lending Apps

The increase in the dollar price and the furthered economic recession due to the Covid-19 lockdown affected several organizations that downsized, leaving many people in dire need of quick loans to meet their daily needs. Ran by all big data analytics, this application of Fintech aids in simplifying the loan assignment procedure by evaluating and interpreting customer data, patterns of behavior, history of credit and shopping, etc., to analyze if a customer was qualifying for a loan or not.


The money these lending apps lend usually comes from peer-to-peer lending or banks. This way, people in need can borrow money from trusted institutions or individuals without having to visit the bank.


An example of a lending app is MoneyLion. MoneyLion does not just aid in borrowing money but also helps maintain the savings of its users. The app allows its users to keep their finances, making it easier for them to repay their loans. MoneyLion has great prior user experiences and a growing user base. All in all a  loan disbursal app is a convenient way to buy now and pay later.


2. Electronic Mortgage Apps

Essentially, the COVID-19 crisis harmed the mortgage industry, making it more difficult for customers to obtain a mortgage. Mortgage rates fell as the economy rebounded from the Covid-19 crisis, and newly developed e-mortgage apps streamlined mortgage enrollment. Contactless mortgages are currently available through re-mortgage applications and are expected to become the new standard following the COVID-19 epidemic.


Better.com, an app for acquiring homes and recalculating current mortgages, is one of the top 2020 mortgage apps. FairwayNow, aimed at obtaining government house loans, is special software in this category.


3. Insurtech Apps

We see an increase in new Fintech applications concentrating on low-cost insurance coverage. Data sciences are used by Insurtech applications to gather, analyze, and assess client data, detect hazards, and ease the insurance approval processes. Insurance firms may improve the quality of their client service by adopting Fintech app solutions.


The applications in this category are aimed at various insurance areas. MyCigna, for instance, is a Cigna, a worldwide health insurance business app that assists consumers in claiming health insurance and taking note of their healthcare spending. Allstate Mobile is automobile insurance software that allows users to rapidly submit insurance claims while providing many other beneficial services for car owners.


4. Mobile Banking Apps

Customers now use digital banking to receive a quick and easy access to financial services. High market needs have paved the way for the rise of digital-only banks like Ally Bank, and the necessity to preserve social distance has made them the ideal alternative throughout the crisis.


Traditional banks, including the Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Huntington Bank, created mobile banking applications and are now battling newcomers.


A fintech banking application typically provides users with accessibility to operations such as closing and opening accounts, making deposits, online transactions, buying credit cards online, etc. It also incorporates AI virtual assistants for rapid consultation and investment planning.


5. Peer-to-peer Payment Apps

If you’re seeking new fintech concepts, try peer-to-peer payment apps. These applications are designed to transfer money between individuals, such as friends and family. The funds from the customer’s account are sent immediately into the digital wallet of the beneficiary. Peer-to-peer payment applications are now integrated with banking, digital wallet services, and independent payment providers like PayPal.


Consider Zoe and Zell’s examples of how to build finance apps for peer-to-peer payments. Zoe can transfer cash to family members and friends, including Zell, and so can Zell. However, these apps also work with some online businesses. These also help freelancers, providing easy money transfers between freelance employees and employers.


10 Awesome Fintech App Ideas to Consider in 2022


6. Investment and Trading Apps

Stock and asset trading apps are among the trendiest fintech app developments in today’s financial sector. Trading and investing applications employ a combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and algorithms to enhance trading outcomes dramatically. Algorithmic trading reduces the chances of human error, eliminating any emotional or stress elements, making data-driven judgments, reacting rapidly to changing market conditions, and allowing people to trade from several accounts simultaneously.


AI and database management enable users to gain rapid insights into possible investments and make well-informed judgments. Many investment and trade applications, including Robo-advisors, assist users in learning about investing and trading. Robinhood is one of the investing applications rapidly gaining traction in the US market. This investing and stock trading software is expected to cost more than $7.5 billion.


7. Crowdfunding Apps

Crowdfunding applications assist aspiring entrepreneurs in raising funds for their projects. They also provide essential proof-of-concept capabilities: publishing their company idea on a crowdfunding site can immediately determine whether investors are interested. This feature of the Crowdfunding app is really enjoyed by the users as it helps people to measure the scope of investments they can collect. In cases of fewer investors, people can change their fundraiser aims and strategies at an early stage, bringing less harm to the entire fundraising experience. Building a crowdfunding app is an interesting journey. We have had a couple of opportunities to build the same.


Kickstarter, without a doubt, has the most extensive user base within this particular application industry and may serve as an outstanding example of leading crowdfunding software.  You can consider creating startups for various other companies if you’re exploring Fintech ideas.


However, several areas have dedicated crowdfunding apps: Patreon, for example, assists creative professionals in crowdfunding their material, whereas Causes focuses on non-profit campaigns and initiatives.


8. Reteach Apps

Alternatively, you may create an app to assist firms in complying with rules and regulations and mitigating the risks associated with regulation issues. Regtech applications are designed to monitor new rules, detect threats, perform compliance checks, and translate requirements into activities that businesses must do to avoid penalties.


Cappitech is a fintech firm based in Israel that automates the writing and filing of regulatory reports. Regtech apps also assist businesses in maintaining data security.


Dana, a Singapore-based fintech firm, provides enterprises with a suite of solutions for automating the application of security rules and data protection.


9. Billing Reminder Apps

A Billing Remained App is one of the most simplistic yet prospective fintech ideas. Typically, monitoring monthly bills seems to be a separate element of a personal financial app. You may, however, turn this feature into a separate app for people who struggle to keep track of all their monthly payments, such as rent, power, gas, or phone bills. That being said, an annual billing tracker is ideal for people with hectic schedules.


Prism is an excellent example of a well-designed bill reminder tool. Prism incorporates all of the advantages of bill monitoring applications and has the fundamental functionalities of fintech software, such as examining all your amounts in one spot. Organize your bills by using the app, and it will automatically add them to the calendar for you to not only view whenever you want but also keep a note of the upcoming expenses. The best part is that the app updates you through reminders and alerts. This way, you don’t miss any billing schedules, and everything is maintained.


10. Digital Wallet Apps

Do you want to build an always-available platform for your clients? Make a mobile wallet application! People value the ability to maintain their bank card information in one location and pay for everything in a couple of seconds. Digital wallet software may substitute both cash and conventional credit cards. However, it also may be appealing due to the obvious potential benefits one can seek from them, such as some profitable choices like discounts and cashback benefits.


You’ve undoubtedly heard of PayPal before. PayPal is the highest-rated and the most known digital wallet, allowing consumers to conduct global transactions in real-time. Millions of users use PayPal because they know their data is secure and can execute any payment in just a matter of seconds.



In the modern tech world, the industry of Fintech is progressing rapidly. Numerous Fintech startup ideas are easy to use, accessible, and readily available without commuting to banks or businesses or seeking prior finance knowledge. Now that you have read all the ideas we listed above, you should have a clear idea about Fintech App concepts and must be ready to work on some of them.


People today demand the best combination of innovation, trust, experience, and technology, all available in one app. This makes it highly critical to build the perfect business plan and choose the best Fintech application development enterprise with solutions to all your problems. However, with the growing Fintech industry, the path toward viable and available Fintech app ideas to consider in 2022 is becoming more challenging than ever imagined.


If you have a concept for a Fintech product, you may understand how others have launched similar applications using this article as a guide and design your own. If you believe you need help verifying your concept or creating a better app than the ones listed above, you may contact Fintech app development specialists.


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