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One million spectators attended the Olympic events throughout the Youth Olympic Games held in Bueno Aires in 2018. But what made a frenzy in media was the digital success of the YOG 2018 games, as the Olympic Channel hosted over 230 million online video views and six million unique users on the Games-time digital platforms and app. Figures are a clear indicator of stronger virtual inclination of sports fans.


Why are Sports Apps a Hit Among Fans?

We are a mobile-first generation. From serving the simplest of functions like setting alarms and timers to complex ones like managing finances, mobile apps have made us dependent on our cell phones. We can see a change in sports content consumption pattern due to digital migration witnessed at large. Strategic camera angles, AR & VR, multimedia experiences make the digital sports streaming experience far better than the live one. Be it to view a replay of an incident or to enjoy multiple screenings, more than 70% of fans attending a sports event use a mobile device to engage themselves. The demand for above-average sports telecast,  conveniences and enhanced functionalities make ‘sports app’ a good idea, if you are a business thinking of jumping into the league.


Types of Sports Apps

a.) Dedicated Apps

The apps that shed light on only a particular player or team are called dedicated apps. These apps drive great engagement rates due to the dedicated nature of the traffic they get. For example, the FC Barcelona App has more than 5 million users.


b.) Aggregator Apps

Apps that host content about multiple players, teams or even sports are called aggregator apps. These apps drive hefty traffic because of the variety of sports content they offer.  The sports audio and video streaming apps sport social networks and e-commerce apps that sell tickets and merchandise from various teams and sports belong to this category. ESPN app is a popular example of this kind of app.



Essential Features of a New Age Sports App

I. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is redefining how fans interact with their favourite teams and sports at the moment, both from inside and outside the stadium.  With AR fans can watch an enhanced version of the live telecast of their favourite sport even from the comfort of their own home. Telecast paired with commentaries, graphical analysis and discussion with experts all at fingertips indulges a sports fan in phenomenal ways. For example, Snapchat is a social media app that came up with augmented reality filters have already changed real-time video storytelling, allowing fans to wear their team’s favourite helmet or gear on the day of the game.  AR also presents a platform to communicate real-time stats and player information.


II. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a revolutionary approach that enables app owners to offer vivid virtual perceptions to the users. Immersive and lifelike experiences that VR apps offer can alleviate sports event experiences for both remote fans and live audience. For example, the NBA announced hosting one VR game per week in partnership with NextVR.


III. Hearables

Earbud tech has also seen massive development in the past few years. Wireless earbud technology can be used to enhance the mobile device sports telecast experience into something more immersive and seamless. Further, apps can club together audio and voice usage to tailor notifications based on sport and timing preference or even booking tickets with a voice command.


2 - Essential Features of a New Age Sports App


IV. Quantum Computing

With Quantum Computing, data can be processed 100 million times faster than otherwise possible. Thus, using quantum computing to develop a sports app allows mining of unstructured data using pattern recognition with natural language processing. A sports app developed with quantum computing can be used to collect data from wearables and further predict perfect techniques, issue injury warnings, aid with sports training and also help with player’s physical and temperamental development. For example, this means deep dive into the nature of analytics and knowing what percentage of energy a player is using while he is performing, in real-time.


V. Cloud Interface

Backing up a sports app with cloud interface allows storage of a vast amount of sports content and facilitate ease of viewing, without depending on servers that tend to be expensive.


VI. Real-Time Chatting

A real-time chat feature provides a stellar opportunity for a fan who intends to communicate directly to their sports stars.


VII. Push Notifications

Push Notification can be used to update the sports fan about important sporting events and also sell tickets and merchandise.



Some Brilliant Sports App Ideas:

1. App for Sports Coaches

The love for sports is widespread. In Spite of increased craze for indoor sports experiences, the scope of sports has seen a massive increase all over. Insightful stats, tricky angles and on-point coverage make the game all the more indulgent an experience for sports fans. While viewers increasingly hook themselves to mobile screens to enjoy live telecasts of tournaments, get match insights and directly connect to their sports stars, sports coaches can also use mobile apps to improve the way they access information about an athlete’s exercise, food habits, practice schedules and training modules. Coaches and sports experts can also record the students in action and then review the clippings later to improve overall strategy in the game. Such an app can turn around the way one-on-one training is conducted, by making it easier to improve the process of sports coaching.


2. Neighbourhood Sports Connection App

Some people are team players at heart but remain isolated due to lack of like-minded connection. A neighbourhood sports connection app will allow one to play a team sport when they have no one to play with, by linking people locally. If you are a hockey lover, you would be able to log on to the mobile app and search for hockey matches about to take place in your vicinity and participate in them by registering. Sponsorships for matches and tournaments can also be gained through such an app.


3. Machine Learning Backed Sports Forecasting App

Gone are the days when bettors would just beam in their luck and place bets based on their whims. Typically looked on as a high-risk investment, betting is getting more and more mechanised with the day. A sports forecasting app would use the machine learning model to predict highly accurate game results after analysing statistical sports data.  Since the predictions would be based solely on data, the result would be more proficient than wild guesses of sports experts.


Sports App ideas worth building


4. Fantasy Games App

Fantasy sports are virtually hosted games that feature virtual teams inspired by real-life sports stars. These reality inspired virtual stars are pitted against each other in virtual championships and leagues. Fantasy sports apps can drive huge engagement from online gamers. These apps also function as sports betting apps, with details of match and user betting statistics, betting functionality, and payment integrations. The app will supply competition results based on real-time statistics aggregated and processed by artificial intelligence.


5. Sports E-ticketing and Stadium Experience App

All adventure seekers sports fans loathe the long queues for tickets in front of sports stadiums before important matches and tournaments.  Sports E-ticketing and Stadium Experience App will allow hassle-free ticket buying opportunities for all sports event. Users can comfortably book any seat to see the sport, through mobile apps. The app will also send specific alerts about the event that the user is about to attend. Users can also enhance their stadium experience with the apt by ordering food to be served on their seat and choose other functionalities as well.



Global Sports and Fitness Apps Market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 20.4% in 2019-2027. Sports tech today is about using advanced software solutions and increasing functionality for a sports fan to drive high revenues and engagement rates. However, massive competition and new developments can make it a difficult business market to sustain. Hiring a team of expert mobile app developers can be your best bet if you intend to develop an avant-garde sports app.  Swayed by the massive increase in the popularity of sports apps, more and more sports organizers are looking forward to getting a Sports App developed. We at Promatics can help you with Sports App development, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. We are known for using the latest technology to develop bug-free quality mobile applications of all kinds.


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