Joomla is a free and open source content management system (CMS) that empowers you to build web sites and power packed online applications.

It is a platform having out-of-the-box modules and templates to support all sort of designs. It is easy to install and renders a great user experience. Joomla has a huge and expanding user base and developer community. Joomla is extremely flexibility and compatible with almost all third-party applications. It has a hugely scalable MVC architecture that is a good foundation to build web applications. Joomla helps the enterprises customize their CMS as per the business requirements. It has out of the box features, a database driven site engine with fully customizable modules that can be added and ready to use templates. It is totally social media friendly and allows quick and easy integrations. Core Joomla framework assists developers to quickly and easily build Inventory control systems, Data reporting tools, Application bridges, Custom product catalogs, Integrated e-commerce systems, Complex business directories, and Communication tools.

Joomla Development India


  • Easy Installation
  • User-friendly
  • High Quality Performance
  • Extensive Extensions Availability
  • Multi-language Support
  • Highly Customizable
  • Scalability and Secure

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Ms Moira Johnston

Ms Moira Johnston

Comma Promatics Technologies has been an extremely valuable partner for us in developing our custom portal. This project is very complex and they understood our needs very well. They are constantly on top of communication; we never had to wait to hear from them. They are extremely honest and have kept their word from beginning to end... Read more


We hold a deep experience in our Joomla Expertise. Joomla is based on PHP and MySQL in which our developers excel. Some of the areas we have developed for clients are Joomla Support Solutions, Website Maintenance, Joomla-based Web Apps Development, Joomla Conversion and Social Media Integration, Joomla Implementation and Customization, Joomla-based Website Development, Joomla Module Developments. Our team of Joomla developers have full-fledged Joomla development experience. We have offered solutions to clients that range from pure customization, integration and support solutions to maintenance. Our Joomla developers work with clients to comprehend all business requirements and quickly come up with a final mock-up based on the analysis and finally develop the full fledged application/website based on client approval.

Advantage with us:

  • Extensive technical support for Joomla based applications
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Better SEO positioning
  • XHTML and CSS compliance
  • Large number of Plugins

Usage at Promatics

We have been working on Joomla based CMS Solutions over the years. It is a popular and widely supported open source multilingual CMS platform globally. It offers more than 64 languages support. We receive support from the Joomla community without any cost. The community has thousands of developers and supporters. Joomla has a very simple "One Click Version Update" to make the upgrade process a child play for users of any skill level. It has an integrated help system to help Joomla users. Content creation is simple as it has an inbuilt WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit content without needing to have any programming knowledge. There is a content versioning feature that always keeps track of all older version of your content. Our applications make use of two important Joomla features a) Syndication and b) News feed Management. With Syndication you create a feed that users subscribe to in their favourite RSS reader so as to receive the updates regularly. Newsfeed management allows you to integrate RSS feeds to your site

We take advantage of WordPress's plugin architecture that allows users to broaden its features. WordPress consists of more than about 37,000 plugins that are available, each plugin offers custom functions and features for customization of sites. These customizations range from SEO, to client portals, to displaying private information to logged in users, to addition of widgets and navigation bars etc.



Our Joomla based CMS solutions utilize User Management feature Joomla supports multiple protocols, including LDAP, OpenID, and Gmail. Users can use their existing account information to streamline the registration process instead of creating new accounts. Cloud storage API’s allow Joomla to access cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace and Dropbox. The sites now use these services as content distribution networks without third party extensions.

Our Work
  • Ratings and Reviews Website Development
  • Social Networking
  • Online Rating & Review Site Development

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